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    I wondered if you would help me in my new art project.
    I want to collect peoples most vivid dreams, ones that have always just stuck with them, I need to collect as many dreams as possible. You don't have to if you don't want to, because I know dreams are personal to some people.

    I only need one dream from each person, just the one that has stood out the most to you.

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    Ah, that just reminded me of a dream I had a few years ago when, in the dream...

    I was in prison (I think I was a prisoner of war or something along those lines) and two guards led me out to be executed. It was the two of them on the firing squad, and one was a bit evil, but the other one was quite nice, and you could tell he didn't really want to be killing anyone. Anyway, the evil one tried to shoot me but missed, and stormed off in a huff, and then the nice one shot in my general direction, but missed "accidentally on purpose". He pretended he was really annoyed that he had missed as well, and then, when nobody was looking, he came up to me and told me that he hated the fact that he had killed so many innocent people, and that he couldn't live with himself because of it. He said he wanted me to kill him, and gave me a sword to do it with. I politely declined his offer and chucked said sword into a nearby stream.

    It's a bit weird, but hey, it's a dream, and one that has stuck with me for several years now.
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    Oh wow!
    Thankyou so much, this is definitely the sort of stuff i'm looking for!
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    Glad it helped
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    I have a dream that keeps popping up every now and again; I dreamt I was running around a field with other 'prisoners' and someone kept shooting at us and we had to get down low. We, myself and some unknown person, escape from the field and end up in an old fashioned street (you know the ones with like the sweet shops etc) and someone pulls us into a dark alley and tells us that they will hide us. We spot the man with the gun, he shoots innocent bystanders trying to aim at us, we run again and seemingly lose him. That's about all I can remember. Such a weird dream!

    Another is a dream that I'm in hospital about to have a baby. I'm pacing around this room taking deep breaths, the midwife enters the room claiming I'm nearly ready and I should get on the bed but I keep repeating "I'm not ready, I'm not ready.." The midwife states that the baby is ready to come out while I say to her that I'm not ready and I don't want to anymore, it'll hurt etc. Eventually, I have to settle on the bed and presumably have the baby.. though I wake up before that.

    I know you said one would be enough but I have loads of strange dreams, so thought I'd share two Hope this helps.
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    I once had an extremely vivid dream, with 3 parts, in which I was at my caravan, unpacking my luggage, and staring out of the window. One moment, I saw the scenery as it usually was: farmland, woodland, rolling hills. I looked away from the window. At some point, I looked out of the window again to see a huge green mountain, with a beautiful garden in front of it: a large cherry blossom tree stood in the middle, with a pond which looked more like a lake, beautiful flowers, peacocks + swans and squirrels. I stopped what I was doing, went outside and asked my mum if she wanted to go for a walk. We set off on the walk in the direction of the mountain (it was still there when I walked outside), but as we walked further, the mountain seemed to get further away, and we only got to the pond; the rest of the garden seemed to be further on than the pond, and the pond had turned into a rectangular pool (not a swimming pool though) and when we approached it, for some reason I fell in. After this, we tried walking further and further, and got to the swans and peacocks, which turned into sheep and horses as we approached them. The sheep started talking, and asked us where we were going. We replied: "to the green mountain." They replied: "it's not what it seems." Before we could ask them what they meant, the two sheep turned into white doves and the horses galloped away. After this we walked back through a wooden gate. This part of the dream ended at this point. I'll post the next bit later
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    In the second part of the dream, I was stood outside my Auntie's house; her house was the same as it is in real life, but it was situated on the edge of an extremely high, extremely steep cliff, and I could see the huge mountain & garden again in the distance, but this time dense rainforest rather than farmland was a barrier between me & the mountain (and the cliff face, of course) And this is all that this part of the dream was. We were basically stuck on a cliff outside my auntie's house.

    The next part was pretty much unrelated to the rest of the dream. I was in what apparently was a "hotel", but it was basically a very long bland-looking corridor, painted in a warm shade of peach with a marble floor to match. A monk also happened to walk past me and my cousins at some point (I'm not sure why). Me and my cousins were messing around, running down the corridor and playing hide and seek. But there were some rooms which weren't rooms at all - they were extra bits of corridor which were in a semi - circle shape; they were completely pointless.
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    I have a recurring dream that there is a zombie apocalypse. Me and my family manage to escape our house and we climb up a tower and block the stairway so they can't get up. After a while the Zombie's manage to break through and my brothers and sisters get eaten. Then all of a sudden I'm in a car driving to a car park where a female doctor is waiting for me, I pull up beside her and she gives me this syringe and says that It's the cure for the zombie virus and that it's up to me to stop it spreading. I always wake up before I manage to actually do anything about it though. I've had that dream loads of times now with a few variations, for instance once we hid in a farmhouse but it always ends the same way and the same people die.
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    The most vivid dream I have experienced occured when I was around 22. I am stood in brightly lit wooden room. The walls where blotched with spots of blue and white paint, the paint was coming away in parts. I suddenly find myself wearing nothing but a piece of old rag, and in front of me appears a ginger cat. He tells me that "all the bad will go soon, and all will be good". He then began to die right in front of me, it was like watching him decompose but at an alarming speed. All of the sudden I began to see large worms emerge from his body in several locations. They seems to consume what was left of him. The worms then seemed to form in to a large black bird but at the same time more of the worms dispersed. The worms now littered the room. The worms then began to turn into cats, and repeated to me "all the bad will go soon, and all will be good". This processed repeated, I was in a room filled with these birds. They would then die and it would repeat!! until my mind could take no more. I jolted up form my sleep covered in fear. It was a dream:.....
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    For some reason this dream sticks in my mind. I was going to shop to buy a loaf of bread when all of a sudden it burst into flames. The fire spread everywhere and even as I tried to run home the flames were crawling slowly to me. Then randomly I got a £20 note out of my pocket, looked at it excitedly and woke up. Random but has always stuck with me.
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    I keep dreaming about the open ocean and an empty beach, going for a swim but not being able to find the beach and just swimming for hours... but Im not scared becasue the ocean is quite nice and calm. Maybe an ocean somewhere in the art project deep in blue?


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