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Excel assignment

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    Can someone please please help me with this excel assignment.
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    how far have you got? where are you stuck?

    Please don't just post your work and expect us to do it for you. It's called "study help" not "suckers that do your work for you"
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    I'm not asking you to do it for me am just asking you for help. Just explain the questions to me please.
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    A. Work out on Microsoft Excel the following:
    i. The total number of sales for week 1, week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5
    ii. The total amount of money lost during these 5 weeks
    iii. Draw a line chart to show the loss of the company for the last 5 weeks with all proper labels and formatting
    iv. Write an analysis report to the Director, using Microsoft Word to show your findings, comments and recommendations.
    v. Show on the table where do you situate loss and profit during the last 5 weeks
    Which of these are you struggling with? It's hard to help if you don't tell us what the problem you are having is!

    Also this doesn't seem to add up:
    each with a cargo of half the total number of crates of 1 litre, 3/10 of the total number of crates of 0.5 litre and half the total number of crates of 2 litres
    as the total shows that each lorry is 13/10 full!
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    Am having difficulty with question number 2.

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    If you calculate the number of returned bottles by the lorries, you can calculate the money lost by not selling those bottles each week.
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    Thanks man! I thought that i should calculate the production costs for each bottles.
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    depends on whether you are looking at unecessary costs (which will just be the manufacturing of the returned bottles), or lost money from ineffective distribution (in which case you need to use the sale prices of the bottles).

    In my eyes the questions are a little vague tbh.


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