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Does belief preclude possibility of being wrong?

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  • View Poll Results: Whatever your belief, if it possible you're wrong?
    I'm theist, and I'm certain I'm right
    I'm atheist, and I'm certain I'm right
    I'm theist, and I might be wrong
    I'm atheist, and I might be wrong.

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    Whether you're Atheist, Christian, Muslim or any other 'believer' in some state of affairs, does that belief mean you are certain beyond the possibility that you may be wrong?
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    Of course not, no one can claim absolute certainty about anything, especially not regarding a god.

    However, I cannot know with absolute certainty that It's not possible to know anything with absolute certainty.
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    Anybody who picked "I'm certain I'm right" should be ashamed.
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    I'm theist. It's arrogance to say you know 100% that you're right
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    I am an athiest. I am absolutely certain that I am right in my belief that the belief in a deity does not stand up when subjected to the scientific method.
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    'Ali ibn Abi Talib(ra), among others, would say:

    "Even if the veil of the Unseen were lifted up, my certainty would not increase."
    ('Ali al-Qari, al-Asrar al-Marfu'ah, 286.)

    Make of that what you will, but that's how many Muslims feel.
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    I'm some sort of atheist - meaning that I don't think that the idea of a "God" even makes sense

    but, of course, there is some very small possibility that I may be wrong

    why, there is even a small chance (say, about 1 in a billion billion billion) that e.g. Islam or Christianity might be correct, and that I will have to spend an eternity in Hellfire

    however, the possibility is so small that it's not worth loosing any sleep over it


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Updated: August 3, 2012
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