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Has anybody carried out a PERFECT assassination in Assassins Creed

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    It seems almost impossible,what normally happens is I kill most of the guards perfectly when it comes to the main target he's always surrounded and when I kill him every guard knows about it

    A small complaint but assassinations should be quick and silent nobody should even know you've killed somebody
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    It's difficult to do, but I reckon it's more fun to kill them and then kill all the guards and get away in an impressive fashion anyway. Then you hear them shout "Where'd he go?!" And all the women screaming. >.>
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    I don't think it's possible, they are always surrounded by guards.

    If you want to play a real assassin game, try Hitman. AC is an action game with very limited stealth elements.
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    That would be a Ninja Assassination... assassinations in general don't have to be secretive, just unexpected... but in relation to the game, from memory I don't believe I've killed a target without anyone knowing..
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    With the exception of roof guards, I hardly ever kill people without someone noticing! But heh it's more fun when you have to run across the rooftops to get away and find a haystack to hide in. I also like killing everyone then dropping their bodies down a well :')
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    (Original post by like a boss)
    I don't think it's possible, they are always surrounded by guards.

    If you want to play a real assassin game, try Hitman. AC is an action game with very limited stealth elements.

    HITMAN IS a real assassin game. The more the stealthy the higher rating you would get.

    I remember in the 1st assassin creed in one mission i tried to be stealthy took out all the guards on the roof tops one by one.

    Then got to the target killed him silently had that little chat.

    Then much to my dissappointment every one was on high alert.
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    I've managed it once in the first game, it was near the end with the guy on the boat and it's still one of my proudest gaming moments

    The later games have made it a lot harder, I feel that there's a lot less freedom in how you take them out. That's not always a bad thing mind, I like it when it gets a little crazy and you're left standing off against 15 guards
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    Managed it a couple of times in AC1, truth be told though I don't like stealth and have always been more of a go in murder everything kind of guy so I rarely use stealth unless the game will desynch me if I'm detected which is incredibly annoying.
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    disappointing ahwell the next one is coming out soonish
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    By doing all the investigations against the very first victim in AC1, the dossier shows you can kill him and escape instantly by using the ladders and swinging on the roof bars to a haystack.

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Updated: September 22, 2012
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