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The Big Sam Twitter Parody Appreciation Thread

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    By far the funniest thing on twitter.
    The guy who does it is an absolute genius.


    "I'm not usually one for sadomasochism, but peeling your toasted cock off a radiator after blowing your beans is a truly incredible feeling".

    "Watching Natalie Sawyer on Sky Sports News while slowly eating an orange. Yes - it's as erotic as it sounds".

    "These geeks on the street be straight-up staring at Big Sam, pondering how one man can combine a Che Guevara t-shirt and a Starbucks coffee".

    "Just had a ****. Nowt unusual with that. But I did it facing the opposite way on the bog. Big Sam is just constantly innovating".

    "I love taking my ballbag and pulling it over my penis so it completely covers it. Makes my genital area look like a big, veiny spaceship".


    Big love, been following this since he was manager of Blackburn, if you can be bothered to go that far back there's some great ones about Samba.

    Its gotten worse over the last few months.

    Definitely on the decline.
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    "Didn't take FA Cup exit well. Got ****ed on shrooms & stood outside Nigella Lawson's house with a boombox, like Cusack in 'Say Anything"

    "Not gonna lie to you - my belly button ****ing stinks at the moment"


    One of the best parodies around.
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    "Just seen an Indian lad going into a chip shop. If this doesn't typify the bright rainbow of British multiculturalism then I'm not Big Sam".



    They are quite funny but I don't know why it's specific to Big Sam?
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    There's not a day goes by that I don't think about the Montreal Screwjob with barely concealed fury.

    The way Vince McMahon defecated on the legacy of Bret 'The Hitman' Hart still makes me sick to my stomach. He's worse than Goebbels.

    I remember watching the Survivor Series that night, dressed from head to toe like the Excellence of Execution, while the horror unfolded.

    "How dare you, Earl Hebner?!" roared Big Sam. "How dare you ring that bell without due cause and take part in such a disgusting swindle?!!"

    I took off my pink, mirrored sunglasses and threw them onto the three-bar fire in our living room, squealing "travesty!" in pained anquish

    I went outside for some fresh air to calm down, but saw some local whore who looked JUST like Shawn Michaels. The beating I gave her.

    I slapped a vicious Sharpshooter on her toned but vile legs, as she begged in vain for mercy.

    "Ring the bell," I shouted. "What ****ing bell, you fat ****?" she replied coarsely. "Exactly!" laughed Big Sam, with impish glee. Magical.

    :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2: :rofl2:

    Think I've wet myself.


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Updated: August 5, 2012
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