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I played too hard to get and he lost interest

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    I been dating someone for a month but recently I got scared & started to push him away cos I didn't wanna get hurt. Was really unavailable, grumpy when we met up & ignored his messages and stuff. Now he's talking to me less and less. Can i fix this? Guys pls help!
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    Contact him, stop ignoring his messages, meet up, have some fun?
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    You don't deserve him.
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    This is why you don't play hard to get. Life is too short for these silly games.
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    The best thing to do is let him know that you are scared, if he is decent enough he will respect that and take things as slow as you want to.

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    Contact him and just be honest. Apologise and then ask him to try again and ask him out on a date or just a rendezvous. Then never do it again.
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    Probably best if you don't contact him, he deserves better than someone who's just gonna play games

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    (Original post by Salu.)
    This is why you don't play hard to get. Life is too short for these silly games.
    This. Girl plays hard to get. I move on. Ain't got time for that ****..

    Unless I REALLY like her.
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    Hard to get never works.
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    Hard to get annoys guys...a bit is ok as it makes the relationship fun but behaving like this is unacceptable. The decent thing to do would be to meet up and explain why you behaved in this way. If the guy is into you, he will give you another chance.
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    I see that now!


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