Nursing UWE Jan 2013

    Hi all!
    I am new to TSR and I am planning to go to UWE to do Adult Nursing in Jan 2013 and wondered if anyone else on here is?!

    Would be good if we could swap info and update each other so that we are properly prepared so would be great to hear from you! Also, any current UWE Student Nurses who can offer us newbies any tips on studying at UWE would be great too

    To tell you a bit about me; I am 26 and currently work within a private hospital as an HCA in Theatres and also as the Hospital's Pathology Coordinator which basically means handling all the Pathology Specimens in the Laboratory and making sure they all get processed and the results distributed to the Consultants and Wards that request them. I love my job but really want to move on and enhance my career so a degree in Nursing seemed the most natural thing to do!

    Anyway, enough about me. Would love to hear from some other soon-to-be UWE Jan students.

    Alishia x

    Hey I start in September, so as soon as I know anything I'll be posting it on here for sure Btw, have you seen anyone around with the student uniform on? I know it isn't vitally important, but I'm scared it might be that awful grey pinstripe I've seen about Bristol

    Fortunately the uniforms are pale-blue with white trim and not the ones you are thinking of! I think those are the auxilliary staff uniforms for one of the Bristol NHS Hospitals so you can relax now!

    Look forward to hearing all about it all once you start in September! Good Luck!

    Phew haha, Been looking at sensible shoes aswell and seem to have found some that aren't too horrific
    good luck for January xx

    Hey Guys

    I'm supposed to be doing Adult Nursing at UWE in January, though I'm a bit lost at the moment! I went through clearing and went to the interview at Gloucester but asked about Bristol and I got put on the course there instead. All good news but I'm not sure what to do now!

    Anyone know what to do about accomodation, bursaries, CRBs etc? I heard we were meant to recieve info about it already but I've checked emails and UWE Welcome and there's nothing

    I'd love to speak with anyone else going for nursing in January!


    Hey guys,
    January is fast approaching!
    I spoke to UWE last week as they emailed asking for my qualifications to be sent in to them- which I did.
    When I called them to ? some questions I had I got told the following;
    - Official January Term start date is 7th January
    - CRB, Vaccinations and other paperwork has not yet been sent out to January students yet so dont panic! Just was advised that the earlier you send it back completed when you do get it- the quicker it will all be!
    - Accomodation for January students has not yet began to be sorted as they are concentrating on the September students who start next week, so again, dont panic!
    - There are approx 200 September Adult Nursing students and only 60 January students so they have a lot to do at the moment.
    - They advised paperwork etc. will be sent out towards the end of October so we have a while to wait yet :-)

    I will update this thread as and when I recieve my bits of paperwork and stuff so that we can all compare who got what and when to make sure nothing gets forgotten! Feel free to let the others on this thread know when you do too!

    NHS Bursary info also hasnt been sent to us January intake-rs either as far as I know, again, I would expect that towards the end of Oct begining of November too.

    Would love to hear from any other January Nursing students out there!
    Good Luck! Alishia x

    Ooh another thing!
    I was advised by an ex-nursing student to go to 'Hotter' shoes as they apparantly are the bees-knees for comfy shoes. I had a look on their website and have seen loads of nurses thanking them for the best shoes ever so I am going to get mine from there. Although I have heard loads of good things about Clarkes shoes too so I guess it will all come down to logistics, I am lucky enough to have a Clarkes and a Hotter on the same street in town so I will go to both and compare one against the other I think!
    Let me know if you guys have any suggestions or recommendations for shoes/uniform bits and bobs too! x

    Thanks for that Alishia! Good to know what's happening- I was just worrying that I'd get to January and realise everything was meant to have been done months ago! I've done my qualification stuff too so we'll just be waiting for October-ish I guess

    As for shoes etc I hadn't even thought of that yet! Good advice though, I will take a look

    hey guys i am just new to this lol has anyone moved from home to study childrens nursing? i cannot decide whether to go away or not plus there are so many uni's to choose from can someone help please

    Hi Kris20
    Sorry I cant offer you much advice as I will be studying from home!
    I know people who have gone away and have absolutely loved it- it depends on what you want!
    Personally, if you arent sure where to study, my suggestion would be to find out which Uni's offer your course, view each Universities' websites and make a list of those you wish to visit- it could be for any reason! The town its in appeals to you, you may already know someone who went there, you like the way the Uni comes across on its' website and their ethos, the accomodation looks good- whatever! Then the next step would be visiting the ones you like and then go from there :-)
    Hope this helps!

    Just a heads up....
    I am booked in on Monday to get my Hepatitis B vaccination done ready for University as you need them if you are in/intending to work in the Healthcare Sector.They are a course of 3 injections spaced out over a few weeks so if you want to get ahead (and get your vaccination info from your GP at the same time ready to send in to uni which they require you to do) book yourself a appointment with a nurse at your local GP's between now and Xmas and get it all sorted.
    Hope you have a good vampire!
    A x


    Congratulations to you all for getting on the course. I am really hoping I get onto the January 2013 in take as I am told there are a few places left.

    I have been told I should be invited to interview in the next 2 weeks. Does anyone have any interview tips?

    I'm also hoping for advise on how you are all going to fund the 3 years? Whilst NHS bursaries are obviously great they don't give you a lot to live of. I think my would only JUST cover my rent in Bristol!

    Good luck to those of you starting the September course!

    Good luck for your interview!
    They're really lovely so I wouldn't stress about the interview itself- it's very informal so just be yourself! Obviously it is an interview so do dress for one ( I was amazed at how many people just turned up in jeans and flip flops- so unprofessional!).
    I had a group interview with an easy task which just assessed how well you interact with people and working as part of a team- the subject itself wasnt what they were testing you on as they appreciated some have healthcare experience and others don't, it's on how you respond.
    Then I had 121 interview, very friendly, quick maths question ( incredibly easy although felt REALLY hard at the time biz of the nerves!) but you will be able to get it because you have to have minimum of C grade GCSE to get on the course so everyone can answer it correctly!

    With regards to funding, I can only speak for myself however it is going to be tight. Getting some work as a Bank HCA is my plan of action- if anyone's thinking of this the get enrolled NOW with the hospital/nursing home etc you are thinking of working for as it can take MONTHS to actually get all the formalities done such as CRB checks, references etc. etc. and for you to actually start working for them and earning money.

    Finally, get your vaccinations sorted. The NHS are about to get **** hot on this as I was told by the Sister that administered my Hep B jab yesterday (my arm hurts this morning lol) and Hep B is a MUST- the full course of 3 jabs takes 6 months so get started if you haven't had it already!

    Hope this helps :-)
    Good luck for your interview! X

    Hi everyone,
    im starting A.N at UWE in Jan and im just wondering what stages everyone is at with reading and jabs etc? i will be driving in from the Trowbridge area as i have an 8yr old daughter so im slightly nervous about bursary not being able to cover all expenses, if anyone is able to enlighten me on how there getting on that would be great x

    Hey everyone.. I applied last week to do A.N in January. Can understand their really busy with septembers intake but how long did it take for you to hear back from them?? Currently a gym instructor but nursings my dream job! Know i'm probably being inpatient but would be nice to hear back from you! Hopefully i'll see you soon x

    I applied for the September intake the first week we could apply.... received my interview date in January...... for an April interview!...... wasn't best pleased lol if you want to know roughly just gIve them a call their very helpful x goodluck

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    Yes me too!
    I applied in November 2011 for place on Sept 2012 intake- received a letter in January for interview in March! Think yourself lucky you that you won be having to wait as long as we did! A week is nothing ;-)

    Oh and at my interview I got asked if I would mind joining January's intake! That's starting 14 months after I applied!!

    I was asked that to... I said I didn't mind but would prefer September because I have a daughter at school and Bournemouth uni was to far for me to travel everyday lol x

    Posted from TSR Mobile

    Know it's gonna take forever, just was looking through and havent got a uwe pack or anything so started to panic.. Hopefully will see you in jan, live in trow too so would be ideal x


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