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Can I reject my insurance offer?

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    The insurance choice I made is not really something I want to do ... I put it down anyway (yes, stupid)... but I have a feeling I may end up not meeting the grades required for my firm choice.

    Can I reject my insurance offer? If not, what can I do? Surely they wouldn't want someone who doesn't want to take the course.

    I was thinking about maybe going abroad for a year, and reapplying again next year.

    Thanks for any help/input.
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    Well, they can't force you to go.
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    I realise that .. but I wondered if they can force me to pay, if I do not go.
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    Read this post if you want to reject your insurance and go through clearing.
    Otherwise you can just not go to Uni this year and reapply. And no, they will not force you to pay.


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