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French films

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    (Original post by Canned Door)

    I keep on telling people I think Jeux d'enfants is one of the best French films I've ever seen. I suppose it could be called a romance, but it doesn't really fit the soppy romcom genre. Wonderful actors too, Marion Cotillard and Guillaume Canet.
    Yeah it's brilliant. Really original too.

    I also forgot - La Vie en Rose.

    buffet froid - really dark comedy, really good.
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    Awesome, thanks for all the suggestions.

    I've seen Les Poupeés Rousses (and L'auberge Espanol before that) and they were brilliant. Also seen La Vie en Rose.

    Will certainly try some of these.

    They are directed by a Polish guy, but they deal with France, as in they are all about the French ideals:-

    - Three Colours: Blue
    - Three Colours: White
    - Three Colours: Red

    Probably my favourite films of all time, so i'd find time to watch them if i were you.

    I'll stick with comedies because there are so many good ones I hope these haven't been mentioned already:
    Bienvenue chez les ch'tis
    Après vous...
    Le placard


    (Original post by pinkaliengoo)
    i'd suggest:

    Prête-moi ta main (I do: How to get married and stay single)

    À la folie... pas du tout (He loves me, he loves me not)

    Hors de prix (Priceless)


    Le Diner De Cons

    To name but a few...

    oh and of course, Amelie, if you haven't seen it already...
    Saw that one a while ago. Was pretty good.

    "Le Diner De Cons" is very funny, bordering on slapstick humour, better than "The Closet" in my opinion

    "La Haine" is kind of serious but there are a few funny bits.

    "LOL" i saw in France is very funny and made for teens but not sure if its available in the UK yet.

    A few of my faves:

    Tell No-one
    The Chorus
    He loves me, he loves me not
    Pot Luck
    La vie en rose

    Breathless - A bout du Souffle - Don't judge me on my French spelling.

    John Luc Goddards most well known film, revolutionized French cinema

    This is a very useful thread Paris is a touching film, and Paris, Je T'aime is one of my favourites, a series of short love stories in Paris, very arty lol. (You might be able to tell, I love Paris ^_^)

    I would ditto the recommendations of the Three Colours Trilogy, Le Samourai and La Haine. Le Samourai in particular is outstanding.

    I would NOT ditto the recommendation of Amelie, which I find so overly sweet to the point of pulling my hair out. I don't care for Breathless either, and would recommend Band of Outsiders or Vivre Sa Vie if you want to check out Godard, but Breathless is definitely a must-see for its importance.

    A few more:

    Hidden (Caché)
    The Double Life of Veronique - The same director of the Three Colours trilogy, and the actress of Three Colours: Red. Set in both Poland and France, about a woman who happens across her exact double.
    Last Year at Marienbad - One of the best films of all time, and most important of art cinema. If you're to see any film on this list/thread - please don't miss out on this one!
    Army of Shadows - A real gripping story of the French resistance, pretty much regarded as the definitive film on the topic. Beautiful and tragic - Same director as Le Samourai.

    The 400 Blows
    Pierrot Le Fou
    Le Samourai
    The Three Colours Trilogy
    The Double Life of Veronique

    Children of the Lost City. It's a dark fantasy/sci fi film about a guy who kidnaps kids and steals thier dreams. I watched it ages ago.


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