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Whilst on the train today, I got knocked out by a flying suitcase.

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    Hahahaha awww. I know it must've been painful, but it is something you could see happening in the Simpsons. My dad actually did slip on a banana skin once.
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    Flying suitcase? LMAO.

    Hope no lasting damage was sustained...
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    Oh No, hope you've managed to get the blood out of your hair and you're feeling ok !!
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    (Original post by heidigirl)
    Serious question, have you seen a doctor? (Am I weird because that was my first thought? :p: )

    While I think it's safe to assume if you're managing to find the funny side you're probably not concussed, any blow to the head that knocks you out has a risk of cervical spine injuries (which might not be obviously apparent).

    If you haven't, you should definitely get checked out, even if it wasn't for very long and you think you feel okay. :yep:

    I havent seen a doctor, but Mum is a nurse so she examined me when I got home and cleaned the matted blood out of hair. What are Mum's for eeh!
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    Sounds painful but at least you're okay now!
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    (Original post by ibs137)
    I lol'd at the title! :rofl:
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    does your neck click?
    has it ruined your life?
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    you funy minx
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    Trains go around sharp corners?

    The baggage facilities on trains are awful these days anyway.
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    Aw poor you!

    YAY free tea (:
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    You poor thing, sounds like it must have hurt quite a bit! Brave face now.
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    I've just saved a screenshot, oh my god this is so funny I can't get over it :rofl:
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    Ouch poor thing - if this was america youd be sueing the train company
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    (Original post by Sophia 64)

    On the bright side, I got a free cup of tea and the chavs on the train kept their distance..
    Let people think what they want.. you know the true reason. Thats what i hate about people, always jumping to conclusions.

    On the bright side, you got a free cup of tea Sorry to hear it happened to you, hope you get well.
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    Ouch, hope you're alright now.

    I've seen this nearly happen loads of times, I was on a pendolino the other day and one fell down onto the floor when it tilted, thankfully it was quiet and it didn't hit anyone.
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    Well anyone who didn't chuckle a little insie when reading the title is a liar!
    but ouch, thats gotta hurt? no lasting damage tho i hope!
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    This is what I first thought of when I saw the title, those suitcases and toolboxes are deadly -

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    I'm surprised they didn't offer to escort you to the next train :tongue:
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    Best see a doctor otherwise the latest update to this story could be "8 months later, I died of a brain hemorrhage". :p:


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