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    Has a choo choo train!

    I must go tell the others, lest I forget *runs off*
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    chickens fly so do ducks in my world
    farting ants and chocolate breathing dragons with donkey tails
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    that reminds me of SHREK!!!


    the green ogar how do you spell ogar ogare ogre ahh i dont know oh well
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    aahhh second day of 2012 wow time goes so fast
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    howde my googely frendies what are yo doing

    wat is the matter friendy im talking rubbish again
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    keepig thi thread alive since it DESERTED

    'you failed miserably' quoted from Trapped
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    do ants poo??
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    (Original post by salma25)
    chickens fly so do ducks in my world
    farting ants and chocolate breathing dragons with donkey tails
    Lol...that's funny! I like the farting ants, chocolate breathing dragons bit
    Oh....hi btw
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    Hmm....how come you didn't get any tsr awards perry?! :curious: I think you deserve a lot of them tbh.

    I think they should also have something like an "extraordinary, special member" award and you should get that. I'd personally vote for you.
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    Hmmm....coming to think of it, I actually know nothing about tsr elections!
    Do people actually nominate themselves? Or do they misteriously get nominated?! :hmmmm:
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    You nominate people for each catagory, then the people with the most nominations in each catagory are putt into a poll to be voted on :yep:

    I don't know enough people on here to have much of a chance since I stick to only a few threads...

    (Original post by salma25)
    do ants poo??
    Probably >_>

    more importantly, you've taken over my thread :mad:
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    (Original post by soligem)
    Lol...that's funny! I like the farting ants, chocolate breathing dragons bit
    Oh....hi btw


    i know i like the farting ants as well i can just imagine a whole town of ants farting and the smell is horrendous that everything suffocate around it

    oh and perry you deserted the thread poor thread at least i was there to look after it and have a disterous day at school muhhahahahaha

    that is for deserting the poor thread you do know that it has feelings

    i thought better of you mister undermining other sources of life
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    now im off to drop the kids of and go to the evil institute of all evil of evils toodles
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    the wether is so bad
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    bad weather why do you have to be bad?
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    it's in the name...
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    I am so hungry...I need to go have breakfast...

    but which cereal? :iiam:
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    what you have no school

    oh oh have rice crispies wit coco pops or frosties or weetabix and honey

    no no i know crunchy nuts
    past you breakfast time i know but still


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