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    Wow! you are like all over the place now!
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    i know that what can i say i haven't eaten for most of the day and revision does that to your brains

    how are you doing?
  3. Offline

    Awww :console: Good luck with your revision.

    I'm fine thnx...or trying to be tbh. I'm actually screwing up...but ah well.

    You should grab something to eat though now, no?
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    i know im starving i have eaten some rice crispies and coco pops

    thanks hope yours goes well
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    Somebody negged me on this thread on a post from years ago...While it had no power, the emotional damage was severe :cry2:

    I'm going to go wallow in a corner now.
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    I'm going to be late for school tomorrow...

    I shall activate five alarms as a preventive measure. I am so evil :evil:
  7. Offline

    what? how is that being evil?

    why would some one negg you for?

    there i rated you hope your happy now and not wallowing like a whale
  8. Offline

    Five alarms and I'm still late :facepalm:
  9. Offline

    I am an evil mastermind. What I do is evil. Therefore switching on lots of alarms is evil
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    yeah keep dreaming, dreamer boy haven't i taught you anything?

    and i know what can wake you up a rooster

    or throwing cold water over you or even holding moulded cheese under your nose
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    Three out of four of those require me to be awake in the first instance, hence rendering them useless as alternatives to an alarm.

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    choo choo!
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    (Original post by perrytheplatypus)

    choo choo!
    do you like trains?
  14. Offline

    no, but I like choo choo trains.
  15. Offline

    well i ll seen you some choo choo trains

    im guessing you need eat some break fast now?
    im starving now toodles
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    I haven't done much revision...

  17. Offline

    (Original post by perrytheplatypus)
    i haven't done much revision...

    perry you barefooted baboon
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    when do you have your exams and how how many??
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