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nottingham train station to nottingham uni

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    how do you get their?
    and is it far
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    The broadmarsh but station is literally at 2 minute walk from train station, can get the rainbow 4/5 bus to most parts I think, what campus are you on?
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    Well there are cabs right outside the train station so I guess it depends on how you want to travel. It isn't far but if you want to get the bus get one of the orange line buses from outside john lewis (victoria centre) The 34 is the main one but it only runs during term time. Any of the QMC (hospital) buses will get you virtually all the way there.
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    i'm looking to go to university campus
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    You can use the free direct shuttle bus service running from Nottingham Train Station to University Park Campus between 8am - 5.30pm.

    When you arrive at Nottingham Train Station, please exit via the main station foyer and turn right onto Station Road where coaches will be waiting to take you to University Park.

    The shuttle bus takes approximately 15 minutes, depending on the traffic. We advise you allow plenty of time for your journey as services can be very busy during peak times – 8am - 10am in the morning and 2.30pm - 5pm, for return travel. The last bus back to Nottingham Train Station leaves University Park at 5.30pm, from the Open Day Shuttle Bus Terminal on East Drive.
    my bad but thanks for the help
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    When you get off the train, turn right, walk down a main road, youl come to broadmarsh bus station (2min walk) get on the rainbow 4, and get off at campus (its huge so doubt youll miss it) you can also get the rainbow 5 and get off at the queens medical centre (hospital) or at the west entrance/highfields park-and tis a 3-4 walk to the uni area, if you get lost, ask someone, the bus sometimes tells you which stop is next via a spealer system, but sometimes the drivers turn then off, if its off, ask them which stop to get off (there normally very polite and helpfull)
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    When I went to the open day there were buses literally out the station exit and then a short walk to the right. Ask someone at the station when you get there on what bus to catch, if you're going for the start of Freshers' Week there will be students everywhere anyway...
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    It was a couple of years ago but I remember walking back from the uni to the train station, don't think it was too far maybe a half hour walk? Along a canal, memory is sketchy but definitely within walking distance!
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    going next sat for the open day
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    (Original post by cousto)
    going next sat for the open day
    They supply a shuttle bus for open-day visitors. Have a read on their website or any information they have sent you. When I went to the open day there were 2nd/3rd year students in bright shirts that directed us. If there really is no one around, which is highly unlikely, ask someone at the station... but when you walk out of the station, make a right and walk for literally a minute, across a zebra crossing if I remember correctly, there is a lay-by where there will be a free shuttle bus that will take you to the uni. These shuttle buses also take you back to the station..
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    me and my mates want to have a look at the area aswell is the uni far from any major sites?
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    Wollaton parks quite close? and then theres the whole robin hood/castles of nottingham...in the centre pretty much...
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    theres a free shuttle bus from the station to the uni


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