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Difference Between Private Halls and University Managed Halls?

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    I'm just wondering what the main difference is and whether one is more prefferable.
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    money normally :p:

    i find that private halls have all these extra cost of stuff, say internet sign up fee, or a fee for gas and electric, and you can only use so much each month, and that fact you are dealing with a private company that well in some people cases won't listen to you, or sort anything out if it goes wrong, uni hall you tell them and within 24-48 hours something is happening

    uni halls normally one cost that that it, uni halls are more preferable, cheaper and more fun to live in
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    private halls -> halls run by companies such as Unite, more locations and can be more expensive than uni's

    managed halls -> managed by uni

    (there's also managed houses, which are shared houses managed by the uni)


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Updated: September 6, 2009
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