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The Inbetweeners Actors

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    I was just browsing through wiki and was suprised to discover that the cast are quite old. Will, Simon and Jay are 25, 26 and 22 - they definitely don't look that old. I was convinced they were around the age they are playing, around 17, 18, 19.

    They're quite smart too, Will and Simon are both Cambridge graduates!

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    Wow, I thought they'd only be around the 21 mark and at the most 23.
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    Yeh I already knew that, I'm a loser lol
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    Simon :love:
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    i thought they were around 19/20 but not as old as 26. :beard:
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    Knew this, the Cambridge ones write most of the material. They remind me of the old comedy stars.
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    Yeah, kinda ruins the schoolboy humour when you realise they ceased to be schoolboys a long time ago.
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    Jay looks very young.
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    They are ridiculously old, even though I knew that already.
    Simon Bird (Will) is at my fresher's though
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    Unbelievable. I was wondering why they had that episode in a nursing home. It's because they should be residents there!
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    (Original post by The Stig)
    They're quite smart too, Will and Simon are both Cambridge graduates!
    Of course he is. I mean, look at him. :p:
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    Quite common in the acting industry. In hollyoaks, a 21 year old plays a 16 year old.
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    No idea they were that age though
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    total opposite to their characters and 25 and 26 wtf?!?! 21 and 22 maybe but this...shocking lol

    and the actor who plays Jay went to the Chafford School in Rainham which is near where I live - in fact some of my friends at college went to the Chafford School and he would have been like year 11 when they were year 7 (and i was year 7 :awesome:)

    but I didn't go to the Chafford School ://

    you definitely learn something new everyday :p:
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    (Original post by x y z)
    Jay looks very young.
    In the show he does, but I've seen pictures of him with a massive beard. Looked about 27. :beard:
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    (Original post by Tom Wigan)
    Quite common in the acting industry. In hollyoaks, a 21 year old plays a 16 year old.
    that mixraced girl thats a bit emo is only 17 though! my age, im in
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    (Original post by Missmeem)
    Simon :love:
    Hell yesss. :yep:

    Oh and yeah, old news OP. Will was president of the Footlights, I think.
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    It always makes me laugh when you see them interviewed and they have ridiculous attempts at facial hair as if to show they're grown-ups and not really 17. Even though they may be in their mid-20s, they certainly dont look or act like it, even outside of the show (in interviews I mean)
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    Really! I was just watching it about half an hour ago. Never would've guessed they were that old, maybe guessed around 20!
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    wow, shame the show isn't funny


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