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Caraniel’s Awesome Autumn Anime Preview 2009 ~Sequel-tastic Edition~

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    :hi: Guess what, its that time again! Yes once again, on behalf of the TSR Anime Society, I’m here to give a run down on what you can expect to see in the upcoming season

    For summaries of the last few seasons go here:
    Summer 2009
    Spring 2009
    Winter 2008/9
    Autumn 2008
    Summer 2008
    Spring 2008
    Winter 2007/8

    There is plenty to choose from as one would expect from the Autumn season; sequels as well as new series. The following list is by no means complete and susceptible to change, but I’ve tried to include as much as possible.

    Anyway, onto the preview!

    1. Queen's Blade: Gyokuza wo Tsugumono

    Website: http://queensblade.tv/
    Japanese Air Date: 24th September 2009
    Animation Company: ARMS (Ikkitousen: Dragon Destiny, Elfen Lied)
    Seiyuu: Atsuko Tanaka, Aya Hirano, Ayako Kawasumi, Mamiko Noto
    Number of episodes:
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ngg26SVzszQ

    (Original post by Summary)
    Second season, the subtitle apparently translates to “Heir to the Throne”.
    First season summary - In 4 years time the competition that will decide who the next Queen shall be will start. The strongest warrior will continue to rule the country according to tradition and expand it. The contestants need only be older than 12 years. They need not be human, intelligent or even of that country. The rules for the tournament are simple: murder is allowed. Any weapon can be chosen. The winner is decided when one of the participants flees or can't move anymore. Such event is broadcasted trough a crystal sphere by the court's magic teacher to all population to see and enjoy.
    Yay :indiff: Just what the world needs – more psuedo-hentai awfulness. No power on earth could compel me to watch this! I remember struggling through the 1st episode of season 1 (those acid squirting exploding boobs are something I shall never forget :erm:), so its safe to say that I shall be avoiding this 2nd season. I assume it will be more of the same and lacking in plot as ever! :rolleyes:

    2. Kämpfer

    Website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/kenpu/
    Japanese Air Date: 1st October 2009
    Animation Company: Nomad (Rozen Maiden, sola)
    Seiyuu: Marina Inoue, Nana Mizuki, Yui Horie, Yukari Tamura, Megumi Nakajima
    Number of Episodes: 12

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Toshihiko Tsukiji’s (Maburaho, Umi Monogatari) light novel series, which has also been adapted into a currently-running manga.
    Senou Natsuru is your normal, everyday high school student. However he’s been chosen to be a Kampfer, whose objective consists on fighting other Kampfer with either guns, swords or magic. But there´s a catch: first you can’t chose if you´re a Kampfer or not, and second, you must have the body of a girl to use your powers.
    Ooh Gender-bending! Always good for a laugh! :p: Excellent cast on board for this, and I quite like the promo art (although I am wondering where Nomad are going to squeeze in their obligiatory nod to Rozen Maiden :mmm:). Shall be checking this out in the hope that it has Traptastic comedy, mahou-shoujo style transformation sequences and good action scenes. It shall all depend on the quality of the script and fight choreography.

    3. Nyan Koi!

    Website: http://www.tbs.co.jp/anime/nyankoi/
    Japanese Air Date: 1st October 2009
    Animation Company: AIC (Pumpkin Scissors, Tenchi Muyo)
    Seiyuu: Shintaro Asanuma, Yuka Iguchi
    Number of Episodes: 12
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qbzzWrmhS5Q

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Sato Fujiwara’s manga.
    Junpei Kōsaka is a second-year high school student who despises cats and has an allergy to them. It just so happens that his high school crush is Kaede Mizuno, a girl who adores cats. One day, while walking home from school, Junpei kicks an empty can and unfortunately beans the local neko-jizō-sama (guardian deity of cats). He finds he can now understand what cats are saying, including his family’s own ill-tempered cat, Nyamusasu. However, if he does not grant 100 wishes from cats, he will turn into cat himself.
    Cats……lots of cats :erm: I don’t like cats, I’m much more of a dog person really. Looking at the promo art, I’m distracted by the girl with the gigantic boobs as she looks really out of place compared to the others! The PV is beyond generic – I feel like I’ve seen this style of show a million times before; its just so painfully unoriginal :sigh: I’ll check out the 1st episode to confirm or defy my expectations, but think this will be a miss.

    4. Tatakau Shisho - The Book of Bantorra

    Website: http://www.bantorra.com/
    Japanese Air Date: 2nd October 2009
    Animation Company: David Production (Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Ristorante Paradiso)
    Seiyuu: Romi Paku, Akira Ishida
    Number of Episodes: 13
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3K5l_H6dmI

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of the Tatakau Shisho (Fighting Librarians) light novel series written by Ishio Yamagata.
    All the dead people of the world have been turned into “books” stored in the Bantorra library. A boy named Koria Tonisu has had his memories erased and his chest embedded with a bomb. He is sent to kill Hamyuttsu Meseta, the world’s most powerful armed librarian. However, he falls in love at first sight with this beautiful woman in charge of the “books,” and he gets enveloped in the great war over the library.
    I spotted in the details for this series that the OP will be by ALI PROJECT :dry: I am trying to get over that, but think that’s a bad sign :mmm: The cast list looks promising, but the concept doesn’t really feel all that original. Armed librarians have been done before (Toshokan Sensou, R.O.D.) and the idea of having dead people in books seems startlingly similar to the Death Records of the Shinigami in Kuroshi~tsuji! :laugh: The PV was pretty decent looking though, I liked the BGM music at least and the character and set designs look pretty good. Shall give it a look, but I’m not really excited by this :nah:

    5. The Sacred Blacksmith

    Website: http://www.blasmi.com/
    Japanese Air Date: 3rd October 2009
    Animation Company: Manglobe (Mitchiko to Hatchin, Samurai Champloo)
    Seiyuu: Ayumi Fujimura, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Aki Toyosaki, Megumi Toyoguchi
    Number of Episodes: 12
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPZ1aj08x2c

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Isao Miura’s fantasy light novels.
    The story takes place after an abominable war that foisted a “devil’s contract” upon a land. Cecily Campbell, a former noble’s daughter who joined a knighthood, encounters a man who dispatches some hoodlums with one sweep of a mysterious sword. The man possesses the power of the same “devil’s contract” that has become taboo, now that peace has been restored. Cecily has been searching for a blacksmith who can repair an old sword she inherited from her father, and that mysterious young man happens to be blacksmith named Luke. This encounter launches their adventures together.
    High fantasy stuff is usually hit or miss, but Manglobe are a very capable studio and the cast seems decent……hopefully the Luke in this series is a better protagonist than Luke in Tales of the Abyss! The PV was pretty good – like the animation and designs, but still feels quite ‘meh’ – not feeling a whole lot of originality here, the plot seems generic and overdone. Another wait and see, I’ll be checking out the 1st episode to see if Manglobe have put any quirky spin on the concept.

    6. Tegami Bachi (Letter Bee)

    Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/tegamibachi/
    Japanese Air Date: 3rd October 2009
    Animation Company: Studio Pierrot (Bleach, Naruto)
    Seiyuu: Ayumi Fujimura, Miyuki Sawashiro, Jun Fukuyama
    Number of Episodes: 13
    PV: http://www.crunchyroll.com/library/T...hi:_Letter_Bee

    *Will be available simulcast on Crunchyroll*

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Hiroyuki Asada’s manga.
    Gauche is a governmental employee, given the task to deliver any letter to it’s destination. Meeting a young boy who is the letter to be delivered, Gauche makes friends with Lag and inspires him to take up the job. Five years later, Lag Seeing finally becomes his dream, that of a Letter Bee. However, the one who inspired him has gone missing and only there does the mystery start.
    Promo art looks pretty (ooh sparkly purpleness :daydreaming:), but Studio Perriot are quite inconsistent when it comes to their animation (and they also have a fondness for long shows and lots of filler :zomg:). I haven’t really heard much about Tegami Bachi, I know there was an OVA released a while back, but I skipped that as I don’t follow the manga. The synopsis doesn’t sound all that exciting, but I’ve spotted Jun Fukuyama in the cast list so I’m probably going to end up watching this anyway :laugh:

    7. Sora no Otoshimono

    Website: http://anime.webnt.jp/soraoto/
    Japanese Air Date: 4th October 2009
    Animation Company: AIC ASTA (Bamboo Blade,Tentai Senshi Sunred )
    Seiyuu: Saori Hayami, Souichiro Hoshi, Ayahi Takagaki
    Number of Episodes: 12 (+1 ‘Too Hot for TV’ :rolleyes:)
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPpes3TawEw

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Suu Minazuki’s Sora no Otoshimono (Heaven’s Lost Property) manga.
    The story centers around Tomoki Sakurai, an ordinary middle school boy whose motto is “Peace is the #1 priority.” However, a strange girl often appears in his dream to ask for his help — only he cannot remember her face when he wakes up. Then, his life gets more complicated when an unidentified mysterious animal (UMA) falls out of the skies. The “animal” turns out to be Ikaros, an angel.
    Oh god no! Definitely not, not watching this at all! Nothing appeals to me about this at all (although I am well outside the target audience anyway) - the only positive thing I have to say is that the cast seems reasonable! PV was odd – half srsbns complete with brass heavy orchestral score, and half uber-generic harem complete with twee J-Pop soundtrack! :gah: Nope not going there!

    8. Natsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu

    Website: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/natsunoarashi2/
    Japanese Air Date: 4th October 2009
    Animation Company: Shaft (Bakemonotogari, ef: A Tale of Melodies)
    Seiyuu: Ryoko Shiraishi, Yuko Sanpei, Chiaki Omigawa
    Number of Episodes: 13

    (Original post by Summary)
    Second season of the adaptation of Jin Kobayashi’s (School Rumble) Natsu no Arashi (Summer Storm) manga.
    The story centers on a boy named Hajime Yasaka who meets an older high school girl named Sayoko “Arashi” Arashiyama in an old town coffee shop. “Arashi” happens to have a secret that Hajime learns one fateful summer vacation. Arashi makes a bond with Hajime, enabling them to travel back through time, sometimes to rescue those who died in WWII.
    Ah now here’s a sequel that I’m looking forward to :yes: The 1st season of Natsu no Arashi was a surprise – I wasn’t keen to start off with, but by the end of the season it was a firm favourite. The mix of serious, heartwarming WWII stuff, with quirky slice-of-life comedy was very well done and complemented nicely by the ever interesting SHAFT animation. I’m hoping that we get proper answers to the questions posed in season one regarding the whole time-travelling thing – definitely watching this :yes:

    Natsu no Arashi S1 was simulcast on Crunchyroll, I’m assuming they will be doing the same with this 2nd season.

    9. Miracle Train ~Ouedo-sen e Youkoso~

    Website: http://www.miracle-train.tv/index.html
    Japanese Air Date: 4th October 2009
    Animation Company: Yumeta Company (Neo Angelique Abyss, La Corda D’Oro)
    Seiyuu: Hiroshi Kamiya, Hiroyuki Yoshino, Kenn, Kouki Miyata, Miyu Irino, Ryotaro Okiayu
    Number of Episodes: 12
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_mObCVJ9JE

    (Original post by Summary)
    The Miracle Train project anthropomorphizes several heavily travelled train stations in Tokyo into young handsome male characters. This television series will feature a different cast of characters inspired by the Ouedo subway line — specifically, Fumi Roppongi, Rintarou Shinjuku, Izayoi Tsukishima, Iku Shiodome, Saki Tochou, and Itsumi Ryougoku.
    :lolwut: Well it worked for Hetalia, why not train stations!? Um, yeah – looks like they have the full complement of bishie stereotypes on board and I’m getting major yaoi vibes (although I’ve heard that there is none :sigh:) I’ll be watching this for the laugh – doubt it will have the same brilliance as Hetalia though.

    10. Shin Koihime†Musou: Otome Ryōran Sangokushi Engi

    Website: http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/shinkoihime/
    Japanese Air Date: 5th October 2009
    Animation Company: Dogakobo (Myself; Yourself, Ryoko's Case File)
    Seiyuu: Hiroka Nishizawa, Nami Kurokawa
    Number of Episodes: 12

    (Original post by Summary)
    Second season of the adaptation of the BaseSon eroge. This anime is loosely based on the classic Chinese novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms.
    Having lost her family to bandits during night raid, Kanu swears, she will not let others share the same pain. She quickly becomes a well-known and feared by villains bandit hunter. During her journey she comes across others, who wish to join her cause. One of them is a girl RinRin, who had similar experience with bandits in the past.
    I got bored of season one after struggling though 7 episodes I didn’t expect this to get a 2nd season, but it must have been more popular than expected. If moe gender-bent versions of Three Kingdoms characters float your boat, this is the show for you – me? I’ll be sticking to Souten Kouro and the other Romance of the Three Kingdoms anime that’s airing this season! :laugh:

    Looks like Crunchyroll are getting this - they’ve started posting the 1st series.

    11. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza♪

    Website: http://www.nogizaka-haruka.com/
    Japanese Air Date: 5th October 2009
    Animation Company: Diomedea, formerly Studio Barcelona (Kodomo no Jikan, Nanatsuiro Drops)
    Seiyuu: Mamiko Noto, Wataru Hatano
    Number of Episodes: 12
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cznaeb5nkck

    (Original post by Summary)
    Second season of the adaptation of Yuusaku Igarashi’s Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu (Haruka Nogizaki’s Secret) light novels.
    The story centers around Yuuto Ayase and Haruka Nogizaka. Yuuto is seemingly ordinary, but Haruka is attractive, intelligent, and rich, which prompts other students to idolize her and even give her French nicknames like “Nuit Étoile” (The Silver Star of the Night) and “Lumière du Clavier” (The Shining Princess on the Piano). One day, Yuuto wanders into the school library in order to return a book and accidentally stumbles upon Haruka’s deepest, darkest secret: she is a diehard fan of anime and manga, in other words, a regular otaku. Promising Haruka to keep this a secret, Yūto becomes her advisor and confidante.
    Didn’t watch the 1st season, won’t be watching the sequel! I know that this series is quite popular and relevant to quite a few peoples interests though

    12. Kobato.

    Website: http://www.kobato.tv/top.html
    Japanese Air Date: 6th October 2009
    Animation Company: Madhouse Studios (Black Lagoon, Saiunkoku Monogatari)
    Seiyuu: Kana Hanazawa, Tetsu Inada
    Number of Episodes: 24
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fD6NEi_Czo

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of the manga by CLAMP.
    Kobato is a young girl that for unknown reasons, needs to fill a mysterious bottle with the feelings of people with a heart in pain. For that she needs to “cure” other people’s hearts and make them happy, but this could become even more difficult than she thought. Her companion for this task is a grumpy plush dog she calls Ioryogi-san.
    Yay CLAMP – so pretty! I haven’t been following the Kobato. manga, I generally prefer CLAMPs seinen and shounen stuff to their shoujo stuff. I know that Kobato. will contain characters from Wish as both manga take place in the same universe, and I quite like Wish (it has flying bunnies and Trappy angels! :awesome:). I’ll be following this as if nothing else it will be pretty (plus I’ve heard Ioryogi-san is pretty awesome) – glad Madhouse have gotten this show, they seem to work best with CLAMPs character designs (yes I am still bitter about the Tsubasa Chronicle/Bee Train awfulness :p:).

    13. Kimi ni Todoke

    Website: http://www.ntv.co.jp/kiminitodoke/
    Japanese Air Date: 6th October 2009
    Animation Company: Production I.G. (Eden of the East, Ghost in the Shell)
    Seiyuu: Daisuke Namikawa, Mamiko Noto, Aya Hirano
    Number of Episodes: 12

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Karuho Shiina’s shoujo manga Kimi ni Todoke (Reaching You).
    Sawako Kuronuma is the perfect heroine… for a horror movie. With her jet-black hair, sinister smile, and silent demeanor, she’s often mistaken for Sadako, the haunting character from Ringu. Unbeknownst to but a few, behind her scary facade is a very misunderstood teenager. Shy and pure of heart, she just wants to make friends. But when Kazehaya, the most popular boy in class, befriends her, she’s sure to make more than just that - she’s about to make some enemies, too!
    :beard: Sounds a touch like Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge but with less blood, bishies and side-splitting comedy. The fact that Production IG is handling this, plus the excellent cast makes me want to check this out though – hope it isn’t as generic shoujo as it sounds and that Sawako has some of Sunako’s awesomeness (and maybe a knife! :w00t:)

    14. 11eyes

    Website: http://www.mmv.co.jp/special/11eyes/
    Japanese Air Date: 6th October 2009
    Animation Company: Dogakobo (Koihime Musou, Myself; Yourself)
    Seiyuu: Daisuke Ono, Emiko Hagiwara, Mai Goto
    Number of Episodes:

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Lass’ 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- eroge.
    The story centers on Kakeru Satsuki, a boy who has been mourning the loss of his last remaining family member, his older sister, for the past five years. Satsuki, his childhood friend Yuka Minase, and four other Kōryōkan Academy schoolmates are suddenly transported to the world of “Red Night,” where a giant black moon hangs over the skies. The six can only return home after dealing with the six black knights of this alternate world.
    Another eroge adaptation. Dogakobo don’t really take the lead much so can’t much comment on their capabilities as a Studio. Cast is reasonable looking though but the promo art just looks like any other eroge adaptation I can think of that has action elements (not even the eye-patch is exciting me :nah:)– not impressed yet, will need to see 1st episode.

    15. Sasameki Koto

    Website: http://www.sasameki.com/
    Japanese Air Date: 7th October 2009
    Animation Company: AIC (Seto no Hanayome, Tenchi Muyo)
    Seiyuu: Ayahi Takagaki, Megumi Takamoto
    Number of Episodes: 12

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Takashi Ikeda’s yuri manga Sasameki Koto (Whispered Words).
    The story revolves around Sumika, a popular high school honors student who has a secret she does not reveal to anyone: she loves her classmate Ushio. Sumika hears that Ushio is also “a girl who likes girls,” but Sumika’s feelings have yet to be reciprocated.
    Oh not more yuri! :mad: Where is the yaoi series damnit!? :stomp:

    Ahem. Apparently this is much more comedic and lighthearted than the melodrama that was Aoi Hana – not my thing at all though, I’m not fond of yuri. Will look at the 1st episode to see that the writing is like but doubt that I’ll stick it out.

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    16. Asura Cryin’ 2

    Website: http://www.starchild.co.jp/special/asura/
    Japanese Air Date: 1st October 2009
    Animation Company: Seven Arcs (Nanoha, Inukami)
    Seiyuu: Miyu Irino, Ai Nonaka, Haruka Tomatsu, Rie Tanaka
    Number of Episodes: 12

    (Original post by Summary)
    Second season of the adaptation of Gakuto Mikumo’s light novels.
    Tomoharu is a normal high school student… except for he’s not alone. Haunted by the ghost of his dead childhood best friend, he moves into a new home in time for the new school year. That becomes a little more difficult than anticipated when his house becomes overrun with various female occult users. Even worse than that he has been pulled into a fight to protect a trunk within the house that others want to steal.
    I’m torn on this one. On one hand I watched the 1st season to its cliffhanger end and my completionist nature means I feel obligated to watch the 2nd season. On the other hand, the 1st season was crap (if quite fun). I don’t know who I’m trying to kid though, I know I’ll end up watching this in the vain hope it ends well!

    17. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

    Website: http://www.project-railgun.net/
    Japanese Air Date: 2nd October 2009
    Animation Company: JC Staff (Shakugan no Shana, Hayate no Gotoku!!
    Seiyuu: Rina Satou, Aki Toyosaki, Atsushi Abe, Kanae Itou, Satomi Arai
    Number of Episodes: 12
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOCm2...eature=related

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (A Certain Scientific Railgun), Motoi Fuyukawa’s manga spinoff of Kazuma Kamachi’s To Aru Majutsu no Index (A Certain Magic Index) light novels.
    In a world where science clarifies supernatural powers. In a huge college that has power development in its curriculum. To a resident high school student, Kamijou Touma, a pure white sister appears. She calls herself “Index” and says that sorcerers are chasing her. Thus, Kamijou Touma enters the world of the occult.
    The spinoff focuses on Mikoto Misaka, one of the Level 5 psychics in the To Aru Majutsu no Index light novels
    Now I said when Index finished airing that I would definitely not be watching a sequel as Index was dull. However Railgun takes the best thing in Index (Misaka) and makes her the main character – this could be watchable. I don’t know though – judging from the PV it nearly seems like yuri :eyebrow: I’ll look at the 1st episode before deciding – do not want to be saddled with another show like Index though :no:

    18. Inuyasha- The Final Act

    Website: http://www.sunrise-inc.co.jp/yasya-kanketsu/
    Japanese Air Date: 3rd October 2009
    Animation Company: Sunrise (Gundam, Cowboy Bebop)
    Seiyuu: Houko Kuwashima, Kappei Yamaguchi, Kouji Tsujitani, Kumiko Watanabe, Satsuki Yukino
    Number of Episodes: 26

    (Original post by Summary)
    Sequel to the adaptation of Rumiko Takahashi’s manga.
    Higurashi Kagome, after being pulled down a well by a demon, finds herself in Feudal Japan, where she learns that a powerful jewel has been reborn inside her body. After the jewel shatters in an attempt to retrieve it from one of the many demons who was after its power, Kagome must join forces with the half-demon Inu Yasha (also after the jewel’s power) to track down the shards of the jewel before its power falls into the wrong hands.
    OMG we’re going to get an ending!! :party: The original InuYasha anime went off into the land of fillers and then just stopped mid plot – bad times, so I’m more than happy to see that the final part of the manga plot is getting animated. Having read the manga to the end, I can only hope that they tighten up the plot a bit as the pacing is rather slow – but on the bright side there is a lot more Sesshoumaru! :awesome: Yes I’m looking forward to this a lot, Inuyasha was a great shoujo series :yep:

    19. Seitokai no Ichizon

    Website: http://anime.webnt.jp/seitokai/index.html
    Japanese Air Date: 2nd October 2009
    Animation Company: Studio DEEN (Fate/stay night, Umineko no Naku Koro ni)
    Seiyuu: Mariko Honda, Takashi Kondo
    Number of Episodes: 13

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Sekina Aoi’s Seitokai no Ichizon (Student Council’s Discretion) light novels.
    The series, revolves around a private high school whose student council is chosen entirely by popularity vote. Because of this, Ken Sugisaki is the only male representative, in the otherwise all bishoujo student council, that may enter the “sacred sanctuary” of the council’s meeting room. At the behest of Council President Kurimu Sakurano, Sugisaki records the minutes of the council meetings, which devolve into daily conversations about the students’ lives and interests.
    :rolleyes: Can not think of a single good thing to say. At all.

    20. Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini

    Website: http://www.d-black.net/
    Japanese Air Date: 8th October 2009
    Animation Company: Bones (Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Fullmetal Alchemist)
    Seiyuu: Hidenobu Kiuchi, Kana Hanazawa, Misato Fukuen, Nana Mizuki
    Number of Episodes:
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMAD7bG4MMA

    (Original post by Summary)
    Second season of the Bones original created by Tensai Okamura.
    Hei and Yin are now on the run after betraying the Syndicate in the previous season. After leaving Japan, Hei encounters Suou Pavlichenko, a 13 year old Eurasian girl who becomes embroiled in the war and politics of the various factions and Contractors vying for power. Meanwhile, Hell’s Gate remains standing in Tokyo, after Hei’s efforts to stop the Saturn Ring anti-Gate particle weapon from activating. Although Contractors are safe from the danger of having their existences erased, this does not prevent new and old Contractors from abusing their powers. As Misaki Kirihara and her team in the Public Security Bureau deal with the increasing Contractor cases, she also has to keep the Syndicate at bay, who has major positions in the Japanese police and intelligence bureaus around the world.
    Woo! More Hei! :woo: Another for the definitely watching pile and one of the sequels I’m looking forward too. The original DtB series was very good (although it had a very odd ending) so I’m hoping for more of the same. BONES are a very capable studio and I’m expecting good things from this 2nd series, even if the addition of another loli worries me – Yin was awesome enough.

    21. Fairy Tail

    Website: http://www.tv-tokyo.co.jp/anime/fairytail/
    Japanese Air Date: 12th October 2009
    Animation Company: A-1 Pictures (Kannagi, Valkyria Chronicles), Satelight (Macross Frontier, Guin Saga)
    Seiyuu: Aya Hirano, Tetsuya Kakihara, Rie Kugimiya, Sayaka Ohara,Yuuichi Nakamura
    Number of Episodes:

    *Available simulcast on Crunchyroll (for subscribers only initially - available to all 30days after the episodes air)*

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s (Rave Master) manga.
    Lucy is a seventeen-year-old mage who really wants to do is join a guild - and not just any guild. She has her eyes set on Fairy Tail, a notoriously reckless and outrageous group of magic users who are likely to be drunk or destroying buildings and towns in the process of completing a job! While in town one day Lucy meets a motion-sick boy named Natsu who, through a series of events, reveals to her that he's none other than the fire-eating mage Salamander of Fairy Tail! Lucy is finally able to join Fairy Tail and quickly begins to take on odd jobs with Natsu and his gang for fame and profit. Along with her fiery friend, Happy the flying cat, Natsu's archrival Gray and their overseer the invincible and beautiful Ezra, Lucy sets forth for epic adventures that leave an epic amount of destruction in their wake. After all, destroying a city or five doesn't matter as long as they get the job done... right?!
    Now this is the 1st show on the list that I’m actually excited about! I’ve been following the Fairy Tail manga from about the release of chapter 30 (at time of writing its at chapter 151) and I’ve always said it would make a great anime. Its not the most original series and doesn’t have a lot of depth, but it is extremely entertaining and the characters are lots of fun. A-1 & Satelight are unusual choices to take on a traditional shounen series, but judging from the promo art on offer, they’ve done a good job with the character designs. There are some interesting choices in the cast list too, but some great names as well. Definitely watching this – hope it turns out well.

    22. Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze)

    Website: http://www.kuchu-buranko.com/
    Japanese Air Date: 15th October 2009
    Animation Company: Toei (Mononoke, One Piece)
    Seiyuu: Yumi Sugimoto, Romi Paku, Yuji Mitsuya
    Number of Episodes: 11

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Hideo Okuda’s Kuuchuu Buranko (Trapeze) short story collection.
    The collection is Okuda’s second book featuring the psychiatrist protagonist Ichirō Irabu and his various patients — the title refers to the first story about a circus artist who can no longer perform. In modern Japan, people visit “doctors of neurology,” rather than therapists. Dr. Irabu is an eccentric neurologist with an injection fetish, an Oedipus complex and a green Porsche, known for making patients much worse before they get better.
    I can’t find a seiyuu list for this, but I know for sure I’ll be watching it! Look at the promo art and the summary – how could I not watch this!? Trapeze is the only series this season that truly looks and sounds original. I like psychological shows, and I enjoy unusual animation – Trapeze looks to have both so its going in the definitely watching pile – its promising that its from the same people who did Mononoke :yes:

    EDIT: Seiyuu added - seems that this will blend live action and anime; it just gets more and more appealing!

    23. Aoi Bungaku (Blue Literature)

    Website: http://www.ntv.co.jp/bungaku/
    Japanese Air Date: 10th October 2009
    Animation Company: Madhouse (Kurozuka, Black Lagoon)
    Seiyuu: Romi Paku,Masato Sakai, Wataru Takagi, Aya Hisakawa
    Number of Episodes: 12

    (Original post by Summary:)
    TV series will consist of adaptations of six contemporary classic works of Japanese literature.

    Episodes 1-4 will be an adaptation of Osamu Dazai’s 1948 novel No Longer Human (Ningen Shikkaku). Death Note & Hikaru no Go illustrator Takeshi Obata will provide conceptual character designs. Morio Asaka (Chobits, Nana) will direct.

    Episodes 5 & 6 will adapt Ango Sakaguchi’s 1947 short story In the Forest, Under Cherries in Full Bloom (Sakura no Mori no Mankai no *****). Bleach creator Tite Kubo will provide the conceptual character designs. Ken Iizuka, who did series composition for Madhouse’s Rideback TV anime, will direct.

    Episodes 7 & 8 will adapt Soseki Natsume’s 1914 novel Heart (Kokoro). Obata will again provide the original character designs. Shigeyuki Miya (Lupin III: Green vs Red, Buzzer Beater 2007 series) will provide the animation character design and direct.

    Episodes 9 & 10 will adapt Osamu Dazai’s 1940 novel Run, Melos! (Hashire, Melos). Prince of Tennis creator Takeshi Konomi will provide original character design. Ryosuke Nakamura (Mouryou no Hako) will direct.

    Tite Kubo will provide original character designs and Atsuko Ishizuka (assistant director for Madhouse’s MapleStory) will direct the adaptations of Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s 1918 short stories The Spider’s Thread (Kumo no Ito) – episode 11 – and Hell Screen (Jigoku Hen) – episode 12.
    I heard about this a while ago, but wasn’t aware that it was going to air this season......which is why it was skipped :redface:
    It definitely sounds like it will be worth a look for the artwork alone! Haven’t read any of the stories that are going to be covered, but they sound interesting and the talent on board is impressive, no PV as of yet though, but I’ll definitely be checking this out!

    24. Winter Sonata

    Website: http://anime-wintersonata.com/index.html
    Japanese Air Date: 17th October 2009
    Animation Company: Key East
    Seiyuu: Bae Yong Jun, Choi Ji Woo
    Number of Episodes: 26
    PV: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swDT1…eature=related

    (Original post by Summary)
    Adaptation of Winter Sonata (also known as Winter Love Song), the blockbuster 2002 Korean drama television series that helped launch the “Korean wave” of pop culture in Japan.
    The drama follows two childhood friends — a boy and a girl — and the tragedy and angst that befalls them and those around them in the years between high school and young adulthood.
    Well after much speculation, Winter Sonata is finally set an air date – I swear this series has been on my list every season for the past year only to have its air date repeatedly pushed back a season!
    I’ve heard that this will have the original Korean actors reprising their roles for the anime, so I can only assume its airing as Korean audio with Japanese subs (no one seems to know for sure anywhere I’ve checked). Winter Sonata has been widely anticipated as the original K-Drama was a massive success…..I haven’t seen it myself. I’m expecting massive amounts of DORAMA and weepiness, and I’m actually quite looking forward to it – just hope its not too heavy or that could be difficult to watch.

    25. Kaidan Restaurant

    Website: http://www.toei-anim.co.jp/tv/kaidan_restaurant/
    Japanese Air Date: 13th October 2009
    Animation Company: Toei (Dragon Ball Kai, Mononoke)
    Seiyuu:Miyuki Sawashiro
    Number of Episodes:

    (Original post by Summary)
    TV series based on the best selling Kaidan Restaurant line of ghost story anthologies by Miyoko Matsutani & illustrators Yoshikazu Takai and Kumiko Kato.
    Each episode will contain three short stories, an “appetizer,” “entree,” and “desert.” The first two “dishes” of each episode will depict the ghostly events that revolve around sixth-grade schoolgirl Ako Ozora. The closing chapter of each episode will be a ghost story told by Ako and her classmates.
    Publisher Doshinsha has released over 50 volumes of the Kaiden Restaurant book series since 1996, selling over 7 million copies so far.
    This looking interesting. I really like ghost stories and horror in general and Kaidan Restaurant seems to have an interesting style about it. I’d like to get a bit more information about it (like a PV and a cast list) before I decide anything – but think I may like this.

    So thats, that! As ever keep an eye on the Fansub Wiki for information who subs what. I’ll update the post whenever Crunchyroll starts announcing what series they are getting.

    As usual I’ll be reviewing the 1st episodes of most shows – look out for them soon!

    Anime Society Co-Leader



    32:eek: Ill read through these ....later

    Yay, I was looking forward to this thread. A joy to read, as always. Good work compiling and commenting on each series, it must have taken some time, so for that, I'm thankful. :smile:

    As mentioned in the on-topic thread, I'm intending to pick up Tegami Bachi, Trapeze, Fairy Tail, Kimi ni Todoke, Darker Than Black: Ryusei no Gemini and Inuyasha: The Final Act. I'm anticipating Fairy Tail and Trapeze the most, followed by the sequels for Darker Than Black and InuYasha, the latter of which less due to the wait. I can hardly remember the original series because it's been so long. :no:

    Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini :awesome:

    Once again I'll have to wait until tomorrow to read this

    Adaptation of the Tatakau Shisho (Fighting Librarians
    I read that as fighting Lesbians :mmm:
    relevant to quite a few peoples interests though
    going by that pic I think your refering to the lolicons :s:

    Oh not more yuri!:mad: Where is the yaoi series damnit!?:stomp:
    theres a caraism :rofl:
    More of this?:lolwut: Dear god why!?
    Behold!! This is the stuff that Cara’s nightmares are made of!:afraid: Serious nightmare fuel right there – just look at them!!:zomg: Why in haruhi-sama’s holy name was this greenlit? No, just no.:vroam:
    :rofl: but you lose marks for talking about haruhi as a god after that endless eight debacle:no:

    whats with all the generic crap this time:hmpf: Aside from Fairy Tail and Darker than Black 2 Im not realyl sure what to pick up :s: Ill wait to see what the opinions of the non generic stuff are like:yes:

    Oh and well done with the thread once again:hugs:

    Thanks for this, the usual rep will come your way ASAP Cara. :yes: I'll make my list later, watching Wuthering Heights with my family tonight. :yes:

    AJ will probably be watching everything :s: maybe even that trainstation thing:lolwut:

    the purpose of this post was really for me to go

    :hahaha:Wuthering Heights


    OMG WUTHERING HEIGHTS! I can't watch it 'cause my English teacher had a fetish for spoiling the endings of books ...

    I'll probably be watching 5 of these, after having a quick look through them.

    the anime i'm most looking forward to from that list is fairy tail. Darker than black season 1 was kinda meh for me cause of that damn ending.

    Cor :teeth:

    Series I've now picked up:

    Queen's Blade: Gyokuza wo Tsugumono
    The Sacred Blacksmith
    Letter Bee
    Seitokai no Ichizon
    Natsu no Arashi! Akinaichuu
    Kimi ni Todoke
    Shin Koihime†Musou: Otome Ryōran Sangokushi Engi
    Darker Than Black: Ryuusei no Gemini
    Sasameki Koto
    Winter Sonata
    Yumeiro Patissiere

    Series I'm considering picking up:

    Aoi Bungaku

    Series I've dropped:

    The Book of Bantorra
    Miracle Train ~Ouedo-sen e Youkoso~
    Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu Purezza♪
    Fairy Tail

    you'd watch most of them if you could:hmmm:

    (Original post by vin)
    you'd watch most of them if you could:hmmm:
    If I had unlimited free time and downloads, then I probably would. :o: Not White Album though. :p:

    Nice thread Caraniel. Must have taken some time to complete this. :P. +rep

    thanks cara :hugs: great job once again

    i see a lot of sequels :beard: Queen's Blade and Kanokon :awesome:

    i'll have a proper look once i finish my spring/summer series :tongue:

    (Original post by ~bubbles~)
    thanks cara :hugs: great job once again

    i see a lot of sequels :beard: Queen's Blade and Kanokon :awesome:

    i'll have a proper look once i finish my spring/summer series :tongue:
    and ef :whip:
    • Thread Starter

    Thanks peoples :star:

    Strangely for the autumn season there isn't really an awful lot I'm really interested in However we'll see whats good when stuff starts airing

    EDIT: Thanks for the rep!! :hugs:

    Im not being that nice because our Kekko Kamen review was dissapointing.:indiff:


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