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Things people usually forget to bring

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    I took a lot of bags and about 5/6 suitcases from what I remember... most of those bags were just books too o.O
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    cooking oil, i only remembered today.
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    do you guys bring all of your clothes to uni with you? i have an absolutely enormous case with them all in, wondering if this was being excessive?
    just so much luggage!
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    I'm not bringing all of them just the stuff I wear most often plus new stuff I bought recently
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    I'm bringing about 60% of my wintery clothes, plus work clothes. About 10 pairs of shoes, and a few summery things for beachy parties
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    You will take too much stuff...but just take it all anyway!
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    I'm taking:

    One holdall (clothes)
    One suitcase (clothes)
    One box (books, course and otherwise)
    One box (CDs, DVDs)
    One box (games)
    One carrier bag (kitchen utensils)
    One carrier bag (stationery)
    One carrier bag (toiletries)
    Double duvet & pillows
    Computer and speakers
    Guitar and amplifier

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    My plan was to only take the clothes I think I'd wear. I've ended up packing everything though. :ninja:
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    Finally, the hounds have been getting restless.

    Hold on, wrong topic.

    In this case, about 6? Although none if there's a fire in the disco
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    Bring lots of tshirts and jeans so you dont have to do laundry any more frequent than once a fortnight.
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    2 suitcases
    1 holdall
    2 big ikea bags
    4 or 5 carrier bags
    5 boxes

    I think
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    i have quite a bit i think -

    1 big suitcase
    2 smaller bags full of clothes
    2 full boxes
    my printer in its box
    xbox, plus monitor and speakers
    carrier bags full of books, etc.
    couple bags of food supplies
    and another bag full of towels and bed sheets

    didnt realize how much stuff i would be bringing
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    I thought i was bringing too much stuff to Uni... since not all my clothes fit in my suitcase but considering I know someone taking 3 cars worth of stuff and like 2 suitcases i think im ok.
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    Big box - books/dvds/documents
    Big box - electronic stuff and other random stuff
    Big box - Makeup/toiletries
    Ikea bag - Clothes
    Binbag - Clothes
    Ikea bag - Hats/scarfs/fancy dress stuff/shoes/bags
    Ikea bag - blankets/cushions/posters
    Ikea bag - Pillows/duvet
    Bag - Coathangers
    Laptop and case
    Clarinets x 2
    Bag - Alcohol/other random stuff

    Oh dear
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    Basically a car load haha
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    1 suitcase + 5 far :ninja: Still need to pack a few more things!
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    (Original post by Maccountant)
    IS anyone here bringing their printer ?
    I am
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    Bring whatever you normally wear....
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    How much you bring is entirely up to you and how much you'll use your stuff.

    I'm planning on bringing 1 holdall and 1 suitcase, but I haven't started packing yet and I have A LOT of stuff. Also I'm catered so I don't have to bring much cutlery/TV or anything and I can't afford a laptop so it's just pretty much clothes!
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    I was reading this thread just out of curiosity and i'm getting really scared...omg, i'm applying this year and i'm not from the uk so i suppose i will go there by plane and send millions of boxes via post or i'll never make it...


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