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[CLOSED] AS and A2 Level Past Papers, Material and Requests Thread

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    Okay I was a bit shocked when I saw my name on this thread lol, my name is Solomon.

    Is there a module in maths that I'm named after? :confused:
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    (Original post by sol89)
    Okay I was a bit shocked when I saw my name on this thread lol, my name is Solomon.

    Is there a module in maths that I'm named after? :confused:
    lol, it's just the name of a group that produce practice papers for maths
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    (Original post by Lykabelle)
    lol, it's just the name of a group that produce practice papers for maths
    Oh right I see
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    That's a lot of deleted posts cataclysm! :p:
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    (Original post by Mustard-man)
    That's a lot of deleted posts cataclysm! :p:

    Well I had to get rid of the evidence. No evidence, no accusation, no conviction and no men in black suits come knocking on my door armed with silent pistols.

    I watch tooo many American dramas
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    All you need click the link in that thread
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    Sorry, no Biology.
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    bt this page we just have specimen paper we dont have any exactly paper for every year, is it ?
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    (Original post by Cataclysm)
    Alright the rest are short versions.
    Hey, I'm new to this thing and was wondering where the link is to the C3 Solomon maths papers is or if you have to send it to me? I'd really appreciate it if you could send me the papers/link please... thanks
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    Thanks very much!!!! I need all the practice I can get for these January exams (stress levels ridiculously high)...
    Anyway, yeah thanks again!!!! x
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    http://www.matthewbriggs.net/exams/ for C3 and M2 papers.

    M2 markscheme:

    This is a direct copy from a forum post from the site "that should not be named". Props to tabbycat for posting this.

    Question 1

    Question 2

    Question 3

    Question 4
    a)from AB: 2.5A
    from AD: 1.33A
    b)14.9 degrees

    Question 5
    a) -

    Question 6a)-
    c) No friction at the peg

    Question 7
    b) v=6.37m/s

    Question 8
    b) answers not sure
    c)answers not sure

    Some answers there anyway.
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    (courtesy of pastpaper exams.com)

    http://www.pastpaper exams.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid= 72&topic=168.0
    Attached Files
  13. File Type: doc C3June2006.doc (326.0 KB, 264 views)
  14. File Type: doc C3June2006Part2.doc (236.5 KB, 187 views)
  15. File Type: pdf M2 June 2006.pdf (311.2 KB, 482 views)
  16. File Type: doc M2 June 2006 MS.doc (19.0 KB, 182 views)
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    Does anyone have or know where can find a load of past papers for Edexcel AS Economics?

    Just want to get as much past paper practice in as possible.

    Thanks for your help in advance

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    (Original post by mji)
    3a? i dont know what you mean... i have january 2006 all papers PHY1,2,3,4,5,6.... whole set.
    like for example the unit 3 module consists of two parts - one is the practical (unit 3a) and one is the written paper (the one where u have optins - eg solid materials, etc)

    unit 5 similarly also has two parts - one pratical and one theory

    i have all the theory qs papers but none of the practical papers.

    do u have any of the practical qs papers?
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    you can get the june 06 practicals here:
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    DOES ANYONE HAVE Aqa Accounting Unit 1 June 2006 Past Paper

    if you do plzz pm asap i need it urgently
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    I have C1 and C2 papers
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    This is the Edexcel 6677, M1 January 2004 Mark Scheme. Is that what you're looking for? Hope it helps!
    Attached Files
  23. File Type: doc M1 Jan 2004 Mark Scheme.doc (150.5 KB, 2778 views)
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    Download your past papers for OCR and AQA chemistry 2001 - 2006 from here:

    Chemistry Past Papers
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    Has anyone got the link for the Mark Schemes for these papers

    I know it has been posted before but i cant find it anywhere
    Help please
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