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How competitive is St Andrews?

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    If you want to come to St Andrews, didn't completely mess up AS, and think you can get the grades required, you should apply :p: Simple as
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    (Original post by Ecosse_14)
    The PS is extremely important and plays a big part in whether you get an offer or not. There are plenty of straight A candidates who have been rejected because their PS just wasn't good enough whereas others who may not be straight A candidates get offers because they have a great PS. It doesn't all come down to grades.
    What is meant by a great PS? Im applying for spanish with latin this year, and my ps focuses mainly on academia, obscure books that i've read in the languages.. film.. media... etc etc. It's mainly academic as i'm oxbridging, but st andrews is my first choice, so i was just wondering what people who are at st andrews actually put in their statement? do you have to be head girl etc?

    How competitive is it compared to somewhere like Edinburgh? For an international student

    I got 37 in the IB (and BARELY since I got 2 grades raised, raising my total from 35 to 37!), and got admitted into MA Economics! My IGCSEs were pretty average If Im right, the minimum is 37-38.

    However, I must have had really good references since both my teachers LOVED me, and my Personal Statement was very good, at least in my opinion. I did it a bit hurriedly, but seriously, do a lot of reading on the internet, and collect a set of tips:

    1) make YOURSELF come accross, who you are as a person -mention anything that stands out.
    2) dont talk about academic merit -thats what the references are for!
    3) talk about a book you read on the subject and criticize it.
    4) make it well structured, well written, choose every word carefully.
    5) avoid cliches!
    6) dont tell them how much something interests you -SHOW THEM it does by talking about the subjects.

    hope those tips help... they helped me!

    Does anyone know how competitive zoology is at St A? I would like to put it as my first choice, but I'm not so sure...


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Updated: August 4, 2012
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