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How competitive is St Andrews?

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    If you want to come to St Andrews, didn't completely mess up AS, and think you can get the grades required, you should apply :p: Simple as
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    (Original post by Ecosse_14)
    The PS is extremely important and plays a big part in whether you get an offer or not. There are plenty of straight A candidates who have been rejected because their PS just wasn't good enough whereas others who may not be straight A candidates get offers because they have a great PS. It doesn't all come down to grades.
    What is meant by a great PS? Im applying for spanish with latin this year, and my ps focuses mainly on academia, obscure books that i've read in the languages.. film.. media... etc etc. It's mainly academic as i'm oxbridging, but st andrews is my first choice, so i was just wondering what people who are at st andrews actually put in their statement? do you have to be head girl etc?
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    How competitive is it compared to somewhere like Edinburgh? For an international student
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    Does anyone know how competitive zoology is at St A? I would like to put it as my first choice, but I'm not so sure...
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    Does anyone know how competitive Philosophy is there?
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    I'm currently doing a BTEC level 3 in IT and A level mathematics and got offered a conditional offer. So it is competitive, but not impossible. I have to also now get DDD and an A in maths
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    (Original post by Wild@Heart)
    Does anyone know how competitive zoology is at St A? I would like to put it as my first choice, but I'm not so sure...
    I would say apply for general biology instead and then switch your second year as all of the modules are the same anyway (first year). Unless you are an international student and then you don't have to worry.


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