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Floyd Mayweather V. Marquez

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    I have a very casual, passing interest in boxing so i'll be staying up for this. Not watching the undercards at all though.
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    Been flicking between the SS1 undercard and the UFC prelims/undercard on ESPN. Been a good night of fights so far.

    Quite enjoyed the Katsidis fight, suprised it was split decision though, looked fairly clear cut.
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    I'm getting pretty tired waiting for this fight.
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    that knockdown :eek: so quick lol
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    Predictable outcome; boring performance from Void.

    lol @ that interview - Cherry is **** scared of Sugar Shane..
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    What fight were the judges watching?

    Mayweather had all 12 rounds.
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    (Original post by Kevin J)
    What fight were the judges watching?

    Mayweather had all 12 rounds.
    Two rounds either way is never a travesty in boxing.


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