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Got offered sex by girl in freshers what should I have done?

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    (Original post by _Shanice_)
    Because he didn't want to take advantage of a girl in an intoxicated state means that he must be gay?! He said that he hasn't done any of that with a girl before, so naturally he would have been nervous, and the fact that he didn't sleep with her while she was very drunk shows that he had some respect for the girl and wasn't a complete **** basically.
    wut u on abut u hore
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    (Original post by minimalpenguin)
    After this realised a few things, I barely knew this girl and she wants to have sex with me, I didnt feel ready

    You ****** up right there! :yep: Although if she was very drunk then you did the right thing.

    Next time sort it out!
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    Should of drilled/plowed that ****
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    All you guys are says, banged, pound, drilled, ima change mine
    Op you should have wrecked her
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    Gutted Mate!
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    You should have played hide the sausage.

    By the sounds of it, she wasn't that drunk. I mean if you were able to have a conversation with her then she wasn't totally wasted. If she wanted sex, then how are you being nice to her by saying no? Fair enough, if you don't want to then don't. But don't not have sex because you think it'll make her feel bad. Ok, if it's pretty obvious she's uncomfortable then it might be worth making sure that's what she really wants. But it sounds like you were the one that was uncomfortable.
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    (Original post by MoLoMo)
    wut u on abut u hore
    I'm saying that he would have been a **** if he had taken advantage of a drunken girl he barely knows. How does that make me a "hore"?
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    (Original post by Lollyage)
    My god, i didn't know there were so many different ways of saying "you should have had sex with her" :p:
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    seriously though if she was drank, then thats taking advantage of her, but if she wasnt and she looked good, you might as well have left her in a wheel chair
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    She wanted no-strings sex. You didn't. Taking a stereotypical male's perspective, I'd put your offishness down to fear & lack of experience, not due to a concern for that girl as an individual which everyone is commending you for (regardless of how pure you felt your motives were)

    Why? Because with experience you start to realise that it's wiser and less emotionally draining to simply not give a **** about girls you've just met.
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    She sounds like the needy type who would regret it in the morning and you would get the Police knocking on the door. Might well have saved yourself a trip to court .

    Depending how drunk I was,I wouldn't have cared about that, but if I was sober and she wasn't I would have run away, fast.

    She sounds like a wrong'un.
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    Why would you tap someone? Shag her!
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    You definitely should have introduced her to your Liebewurst
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    You did the right thing...you're a good guy!
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    Should have got her nailed mate
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    You should have engaged in sexual intercourse with that female.
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    (Original post by Playboy King)
    You did the right thing, being mr nice guy and all that...but what has that got you? No poonntang pie:nah:
    Seeing as it's your first time having contact of this nature with a girl it's understandable...the important thing is you learn from this mistake so that next time you do indeed tap that :p:
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    I have nothing to say, really nothing.

    But i cant help it, WTF?

    In those situations Let your penis do the thinking and leave your brain out of it.
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    (Original post by the.white.rabbit)
    You did the right thing...you're a good guy!

    Good guys don't get laid often enough, remember this!

    and with more good guy nor do girls.
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    (Original post by vas876)
    Good guys don't get laid often enough, remember this!

    and with more good guy nor do girls.
    Indeed. However you did the morally correct thing. The real question is whether you did manly thing!


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