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so how is everyone liking it?

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    (Original post by Xtrm2Matt)
    Recognised you... couldn't put a name to the face though, then remembered it could be you from here!

    I was sat opposite for an hour or so.

    :yep: 'mysteriously' :p:
    not happy stains sadly. just really random yellowish ones on random items of clothing :confused:

    i prefer to work late nights at the libary. if my mate stops messing about im gonna head over there tonight. how fun lol. i just work better when its dark and theres no distractions.
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    Yeah that's why I like working at Uni, no distractions :p:

    Gonna be heading up the Uni myself in a minute [I jog up there!]. Popping into halls to say Hi to a few people on my travels :p:

    An edit just before I leave: pissing down outside, lovely
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    haha im tempted to go out for a drive just to have a laugh. which way you run :p: ?
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    (Original post by Xtrm2Matt)
    Always is the case of going in to do work and ending up on Facebook or something :p:

    Think there were 4 of us that came in. Looks like I'll be going there again tomorrow at some point to do more work
    I know yeh, it always happens to me when I do work!

    Ah you might see me again then hah
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    Rain was way worse than I thought, completely drenched from head-to-toe...

    (Original post by dude_se)
    haha im tempted to go out for a drive just to have a laugh. which way you run :p: ?
    Up Tithebarn Road, through Beaconside village, along the looooong Beaconside road next to the MoD, round the round-a-bout up at the Uni, then all the way down the Weston Road, then back into 'Corp Street :cool: It's about 4.5-4.8km depending on how accurate my iPhone wants to be :p: not too bad.

    It wasn't you who drove into a puddle puposely to splash me was it?! :mad: :woo:

    (Original post by noaksey)
    Ah you might see me again then hah
    Going in at 2 for a 3-hour work 'sesh.
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    haha i dunno. i went to asda first and then drove up weston road to the uni, so depends when you were running past. i was in a ****** white car :p:
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    (Original post by dude_se)
    haha im tempted to go out for a drive just to have a laugh. which way you run :p: ?
    So, were you laughing while you were driving? like a crazed madman trashing Stafford (driving over pavements, knocking over lamp posts, and running over people)?
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    haha im not that bad :p:
    although i do drive the wrong way out of asda and cut across the road, beep a lot, and wave at strangers... so im not perfect
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    (Original post by inebriatedgoldfish)
    Changed my dp now... But that picture is just as emo as the last tbh lol
    I think I've seen you around actually. I'll say hello next time lol. You a first or second year?

    EDIT: Actually, do you know Sam J over in Yarlet?


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