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whats the difference between balanced and unbalanced growth?

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    What is the difference between balanced and unbalanced growth cuz i kinda missed the lesson which was about a couple of lessons, can sum1 explain them in detail but short, thx.
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    can soomone also explian to me intermedite technology by schumacer please. need some help asap
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    balanced growth is when all sectors of the economy grow at a similar rate. some economists say this should be encouraged so that markets are created for the goods produced.

    unbalanced growth theory - that ldc's should focus on certain industries and aim to get these growing , which will stimulate further growth in the rest of the economy
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    nic summary, cool, but the thing is, i kinda aint gota a clue to what they both mean so can u, if u dnt mind, be more precise in the explaination, ie, examples and adv and disavd of each model
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    balanced is when every sector grows at the same rate , so agricultural,manafacturing, tourism,

    unbalanced is when 1 sector is growing faster then everything else so in china textiles is growing faster then anything else at the moment so that is unbalanced growth

    in reality mois tis unbalanced but some governments encourage some sectors more then others with subsidies e.t.c think tiger economies and how the promted manafactured goods
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    balanced can ride a uni cycle, unbalanced cannot
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    intermediate technology( also called appropriate technology) as belonging between the capital-intensive advanced technologies of the ‘West’, driven by large scale production and profit, and the traditional subsistence technologies of developing countries.

    yes i did nick most of that from some site. but it seemed pretty good.

    basically approriate technology is somehting that is appropriate to the people that are using it ( not giving a tractor to a famrer that cant afford the petrol), it can be knowledge as well . so rotating fields with crops could be seen as appropriate technology.
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