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Starting my AS levels now?

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    keeeeeeeeeen. you're from liverpool. shouldn't you be hanging round in town causing trouble or something?

    that's what my sister does, and she's still doing her as levels. hell, that's probably what i'm gonna do when i get back.
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    Read some books (not academic books)

    Always good to read books regardless of what you study.
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    AS apposed to revising you should try and get ahead of the game. Find out whats on your courses and read up on them. if you'redonig history, find out what you'll be studying and read books about it, english, find out your set texts and read them so your more familiar with it. At this point theres not a lot you can do but read relevant books. Thats my plan anyhow. Over the summer when im recovering from a night out or just lying in bed or whatever im gonna be reading up on history stuff. Im taking history at a-level and Ididnt do the gcse so thats my reasoN!!
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    (Original post by katycaresse)
    im done with all my gcse's, would anyone sugest starting to revise for my AS's now?
    Has anyone done this before and any recomendations of how i could start?
    I would just relax if I was you, as during AS/A2, you won't have much time to do that. You sound so motivated. :p: I would start revising during Nov/Dec 2005.
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    (Original post by Chemaz101)
    AS's finish this week, most have already been done, all im aware of is drama, Law and ICT still going thats it,
    No Maths is still to come. Next week

    When I'm bored, I go into the garage, grab a canvas and some spray paint and mess around seeing what kind of effects I can make. It's really messy and great fun- especially when using the garden hose to spray away areas and merge other bits together. You won't be able to remember anything come next year, so I would seriously say give it a rest for a bit. Learn the guitar or something.
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    Revise what? You haven't done any work to revise yet!
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    The summer holidays between GCSE and AS are so long and relaxed! You won't have that next year; you'll do your AS exams, have maybe a week or so off, start A2 and then break up in July as normal. Make the most of it while you can! You can't revise now because you haven't even started the courses yet! If you really want to do something in preparation, find out more about the subjects by reading their specifications and maybe do a bit of reading, but no more than that.
Updated: June 16, 2005
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