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Tips on how to speak posh/good english

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    Any tips? How do you do it?
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    Keep posting on this! - Its helped me I usd to tlk lyk dis baree befo i synd up buh since i hav I've been talking/typing like this =)
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    Take elocution lessons.
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    (Original post by dhokes)
    Take elocution lessons.
    Great minds...(shame I was too slow)
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    Hang about Oxford for about a week.
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    I'm sure you can take lessons on how to speak with a PR accent which is preferred if you're going to want to be a TV journalist at the BBC. (I could be wrong here, I'm fairly certain about it though).

    Other than that though, practice!
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    Make sure you enunciate eg. remember that often has a t in it so say it, if it ends in -ing make sure you say it like that, don't forget the g or in some cases and a k
    Ain't is not a proper word. I don't care who argues, you are supposed to say isn't. (As you may have guessed I dislike how people destroy the english language simply by speaking)

    Little things like that make you sound a lot better.
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    Watch Stephen Fry and copy him?
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    Watch my pastor and speak like him.
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    (Original post by theseeker)
    Any tips? How do you do it?

    Well, avoid the Black Country.
    Peeple says us speeks funny, was telling our babby that t'other day.
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    Rounded vowels, emphasis more and don't use contracted words.
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    Make sure you say 'oooh' and 'ahhh' (not in an orgasmic way) before you start a sentence.

    Also, pretend that you're constipated.
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    Don't use "weren't" and "wasn't" interchangably. 'Anything' and 'nothing', not 'owt' and 'nowt'. There is a 'd' in the middle of 'didn't, it's not 'di't', and wa'eh' is actually said 'water'. These are all the ones I inflict on people, and probably the reason two people this week have said "Oh, you're from the North!" after only one sentence.

    Then again you're from London, so I don't know how many of those you actually do anyway. I think accent's a big part of it though; I'd never think of Jarvis Cocker, for example, as posh even though I can't remember ever hearing him use bad English.
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    Put a hot potato in your mouth before talking.
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    (Original post by dhokes)
    Take elocution lessons.

    I really thought there was a bug on my screen then!! :yep: :p:

    And yeah I get alot of stick because I'm from a rough part of Essex and I do sound very common. People assume you're thick which is really annoying, I wouldn't change the way I talk though. Sod everyone else :yep:
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    do not be lazy and skip letters of words.
    talk how you would write it down properly.
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    use big long fancy words :ninja:

    obviously, i'm not really posh since my above sentence contained words with merely only 2 syllables. Ah well. :getmecoat:
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    Get a rich, posh man to take you under his wing and transform you from a lowly street seller to the beautiful, eloquent lady that you've always dreamed you'd be. You might have to sing, though.
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    Pfffft stuff the awful posh accent, speak how you would naturally :yy:
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    (Original post by BrightGirl)
    Pfffft stuff the awful posh accent, speak how you would naturally :yy:
    This. Posh accents can be so dull. I'm loving being up north.


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Updated: August 6, 2013
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