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2016 olympics - who is going to host it?

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    Rio de Janeiro

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    Just wondering who everyone thought was going to win the bid?
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    We're still in Obama-mania, so Chicago. No other reason why it should though.
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    Aww, bless Obama! he wasn't going to Copenhagen this week to finish the campaign, but then everyone else was so he upped and left, dragging his wife and Oprah Winfrey in his wake So cute

    Although if it was in Tokyo it would be amazing
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    Chicago probably, it's close though
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    It won't be in Madrid or Tokyo, Olympics will have been in those areas [Europe and East Asia] too recently to be potential candidates. Of the other two, I'd have to go for Chicago for safety, transport and hospitality reasons.
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    Won't be Madrid or Tokyo for the reasons stated above, and it probably won't be Rio, as half the athletes would end up either dead or kidnapped.
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    I'm taking a wild guess and saying Chicago.
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    It's going to be Chicago, probably.

    I'd like it to be Tokyo! :woo:
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    It wont be madrid or tokyo because (as others have said) it has been in those areas of the world recently

    the us did have the olympics fairly recently when they were held in atlanta in 1996, so i think it would be really great to have the olympics in rio. it would show a bit of faith in the growing status of brazil and according to wiki, neither the summer or winter olympics have ever been held in south america
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    Rio de Janeiro!!!
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    I'd love it if it was Madrid, but i have a feeling it's going to be Chicago for the reasons stated above ... shame
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    I hope it's in Rio - beautiful city and I think it could use the urban regeneration more than the others.
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    I don't think USA should be allowed another go just 20 years on from Atalanta. South America has never hosted, so Rio ftw.

    I loved it yesterday when Pelé, attempted to win points over Chicago by referring to the fact that Michael Jackson, who is the city’s most recognised person, was absent from their delegation. Obviously he meant Michael Jordan, schoolboy error

    Edit: I just realised i spelt Atlanta in the way of the italian football side Atalanta. I do apologise.
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    The USA has had 2 of the last 8 though (including the England 2012 ones) so to have 3 out of 9 would be a little unfair.

    Spain had it in 1992 though, but as far as an all round success goes, that's been documented as one of the best ever.

    South America has never hosted the Olympics though, so that would be fairest. It'll go to the US though, no doubt. Where there's more money, there's a way.
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    My prediction is Chicago.
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    I see the olympics in chicago, a brilliant venue, i'd love to travel there to watch them, although i have nothing against the other cities.
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    What about birmingham!
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    wow chicago is out!!
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    It is now between Madrid and Rio de Janeiro ...


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