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Environmental Management IGCSE

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    Next week I'm having my Environmental Management (0680) IGCSE Paper 01 and Paper 04 (Alternative to Coursework). I know it's not a very popular subject, and that's why I wanted to ask anyone who has done it how you have prepared for it, and if you knew any tips or websites that will help me doing this exam. Any tips for other exams such as Art & Design, Spanish as a First Language, English as a Second Language, or Mathematics are also much appreciated.

    Thank you!
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    I'm Planning to do IGCSE Environmental Management as well. I'm doing my exam next year. Which textbook are you using though? Do you know if I can order it online?:confused: 'Cause I can't get any good ones. My advice would be to go to a good teacher who can help you revise.
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    I have been using "Environmental Management" by John Pallister. It covers all the topics and it's really a great book for the IGCSEs. Where do you live? I guess you can order it online.
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    I live in the UAE. I've tried looking it up online - I didn't find it. Where did you get yours from? Maybe you could suggest a website where i could find it?
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    I WAS studyin EM but thn i dropped it cuz itsnt approved in my country'
    anywayz its not hard n am usin JOHN PALLISTER 2 its really agud one n not tht big
    but i just got it from the school
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    John Pallister seems to be the only author for Env Mgt. Try wider world by David Waugh used for Geography as it contains some related topics.:o:
Updated: May 5, 2010
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