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Ever noticed how revision makes you tidy up? :D

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    I have clothes and stuff too and my suitcase which adds to further procrastination by leading to endless daydreaming about future holiday.
    Yep, i've got revision guides over my floor, but we burnt all our books on the field after the exams. I can't waait til the exams finnish and i can go on holiday
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    (Original post by Aplin)
    lol, I was talking about it with my teacher on Tuesday.
    Whenever I know I got revision to do I always think... it would be easier if I tidyed up first lol. Or sorted out this or rearanged that.... guess its the minds way of constructively avoiding revision.

    Revision also makes me really tired... I also notice sometimes when I read I read but don't read... I sort of just process the individul words when I am tired and then have to re-read the passage and can't even remember reading it lol.

    I am so lazy

    and you can tell I'm desperate, because normally I live in a pigsty
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    My room is normally spotless, but at revision time, it gets worse for some reason!

    But if I do decide to actually do some, I will tidy up a bit first
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    I'm just the same - there's a websit especially for procrastination...I think it's www.ItCanWait.com LOL
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    Yeh when there are exams on my room has notes spread across the carpet, piled on the bed, on the desk, chair and shelf. You can't actually walk through the room. It is a bit better at the moment but still not tidy! So revision makes me more untidy!
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    *rofl* Funny XD
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    I just spent most of the day tidying my room in an attempt to make the environment "more suitable for studying".
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