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how long does an NHS referral take?

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    My doctor has referred me to a dermatologist - how long will it take for me to actually get an appointment? i'm desperate to go soon and I would consider going private if it's going to take a long time.
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    It can take a few months. When I was referred, it was around a three month wait (bearing in mind dermatologists are often busy due to treating skin cancer patients) but I saw someone about ten days later privately. I think it cost around £100.
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    it usually takes 2-4 weeks, for some specialists it might take even longer. it depends on the number of patients referred to that particular doctor...
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    I've been referred for a few things, some have come through in a week or two others have taken months.
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    (Original post by Deadmau5)
    My doctor has referred me to a dermatologist - how long will it take for me to actually get an appointment? i'm desperate to go soon and I would consider going private if it's going to take a long time.
    Depends on local waiting lists.

    To see a specialist I've generally waited between 4 weeks and 19 months.
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    Depends on nhs trust I would think and what the specialism is. For instance I waited , 4 weeks to see a urologist and nine weeks for a plastic surgeon .Both things weren't urgent though.
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    I waited around 3-4 weeks between asking for a referral and seeing my dermatologist.
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    I was referred to a NHS Hospital. Got appointment within 3 weeks.

    But decided to go Private as i could see a Consultant 5 days after being referred

    Wasn't dermatology though
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    6 weeks and then my appointment got cancelled. Have to wait another 6 weeks now.
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    I think it depends how urgent it is etc
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    If you're a leper, 1 week, if you're acne-afflicted then a pretty darn long time mate.
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    If they suspect you have something such as a cancerous mole, an appointment takes about a week, like others have said if it's acne related or something not causing any serious illness you're looking at atleast a couple of months on a waiting list.

    I've been to see a dermatologist before and I went to a private hospital in the end. Took only a few days to get an appointment and I believe it was around £120.
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    I think my wait for dermatology was around two and a half to three months.


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Updated: October 11, 2009
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