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How big is a piece of A4 paper?

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    In inches, how big is it!? (in landscape mode)
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    20cm in height, 30 cm in length
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    have just measured a piece of paper especially for you!

    just over 11.6 inches in length
    and 8.25 inches in width

    one Q: why??
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    Good luck gettin to red gem out
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    Agg, sorry didnt read your post properly. -Points to Nat's post
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    21 cm
    by 29.7 cm its 2.5 cm per inch i think so work it out im too hot to do it
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    Thanks, I am making an image and it asked how big I wanted the canvas in inches, I was stumped!
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    (Original post by worried_mess)
    Thanks, I am making an image and it asked how big I wanted the canvas in inches, I was stumped!
    [harsh]Was google down?[/harsh]
    If anyone wants the dimensions of any other paper sizes:
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    (Original post by worried_mess)
    In inches
    (Original post by Albinosheeps)
    20cm in height, 30 cm in length
Updated: June 19, 2005
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