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Anything But Clothes Party! Outfit Ideas?

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    I'm going to an 'Anything But Clothes' Party at my SU on Monday, and was wondering if anyone had any outfit ideas?
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    birthday suit always works a treat =D
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    (Original post by Tommy Jay)
    birthday suit always works a treat =D
    Here's hoping that's what the girl's choose to wear :P
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    Bin bag. :ninja: :lurk:
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    Sheet? Bandages? Wrap (and secure) a towel around your waist?
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    a condom...just don't get cold or owt.
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    you can buy horrible pillowcases for about 50p from a charity shop.. then cut out one end and wear it (it looks like a dress, but i'm sure it wouldn't matter)
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    glitter! or leaves
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    (Original post by shamonhehe)
    glitter! or leaves
    Would look a little camp in glitter :P
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    i did it last week, i just got two bin bags and made holes to make a shirt and a pair of short type things. then jazz it up with whatever you can find. i personally went for a hawaiin grass skirt from a previous fancy dress lol.
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    Skin you've peeled from other people in their sleep?
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    Duct tape
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    (Original post by there's too much love)
    a condom...just don't get cold or owt.
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    Duck tape.

    Edit: Beaten to it!
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    See through tape?! lol!
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    Morphsuit. Unless that counts as clothes..


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