Zimbardo; conformity or obedience

    Im doing an essay on conformity/obedience.

    Was zimbardo's prison study a case of conformity or obedience?

    thats for you to interpret. there is no right or wrong answer to that question. if you can articulate that question and answer it then you will rack up marks. i did the same essay and ****** up because i did exactly what the teacher said and nothing more. you need to be interesting and add that little bit extra to get the A/A* grade

    (Original post by Findlay6)
    Im doing an essay on conformity/obedience.

    Was zimbardo's prison study a case of conformity or obedience?
    I've always thought it was obedience. But the entire study was started to investigate roles and labels, norms etc in a prison scenario. Zimbardo found that any behavioural incidences, e.g. aggressiveness etc, were down to situational factors.

    Tbh, it doesn't fit either of those catagories well. It's more of an investigation into situational psychology.

    ^ Agreed, as usual. It's more obedience than conformity, but there's probably a bit of both, i.e. they obeyed because other people did blah blah. The most interesting thing is the people being guards taking on those roles, and that's not either. It's too bizarre and specific a situation to really use as anything to do with obedience/conformity usefully but I think they shove it in there because it's interesting.


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