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University Lacrosse?

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    Was just wondering if anyone on here played the sport at university level and how high a standard it is played at. I currently play American Football, but depending on which university I go to, Im either going to end up playing that or Lacrosse. How fit do you need to play the game, and do universities usually provide the kit you need?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
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    No-one here plays it? Always thought it was a popular sport at university
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    my uni has just started up a team, i think they sort some of the gear out as it can be hard to get hold of, just you have to pay towards it abit, the level not going to be that great once you get the throwing and that down it can be easy to keep, fitness wise, i know they say its the fastest sport going and you need to be able to run and not be pushed off, if your playing American football a few have moved over


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