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Stranger felt me up on bus and I liked it!

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    A few days ago I'd just been to uni and got on the bus back to my halls. A really hot guy about 4-5 years older than me got on at the next stop and sat next to me even though there were other seats. He was wearing a suit and tie, going back to his flat after work and we started talking, he was really nice. I was flirting a bit and I was starting to fancy him. Then he put his hand on my leg and started discretly rubbing it and worked his way further and further up. I really REALLY enjoyed I was so turned on by it so I started doing the same to him. But then suddenly I freaked out about it and thought what am i doing?! I pressed the bell and said 'this is my stop' and got off the bus even though it wasn't my stop. I waited for the next bus and went home.

    The thing is I can't stop thinking about him, I don't have is number or anything only his name. I wish I'd stayed on the bus and asked for his number so we could go out for dinner or a drink or just meet up in a starbucks or something but i didn't grr! I might even have gone back to his flat he got me going so much! I probably wouldn't have done though because that probably would have been stupid.

    Every time I get on the bus now I'm praying that he'll get on as well. If I see him again do you think i should ask him out or do you think he's a bit pervy?? he seemed so nice and we were really flirty and that's why he felt me up but do you think he shouldn't have done it so quickly?
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    Well, think about it. He's just met some random girl on a bus and deemed it appropriate to give her a quick feel-up for the duration of the journey - do you think he will be a nice respectable bloke?
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    (Original post by Ultimate_Geek)
    Well, think about it. He's just met some random girl on a bus and deemed it appropriate to give her a quick feel-up for the duration of the journey - do you think he will be a nice respectable bloke?
    Oh dear Lord!
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    It was probably just the thrill of it, you really don't want to be in a relationship with someone who cops a feel on a bus and I'd say he wasn't looking for one either.
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    if it was around 9 o clock or 5 o clock maybe he catches the bus every day to or from work(he was wearing a suite), maybe get on that same bus again.
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    Love how all the girls assume he's a creep but the OP loved it - that;s because he knew how to make her love it.

    Sorry to say it girls but some guys know exactly what and why it makes women tick; he's not a creep at all he just wanted to pull outside the club environment.

    Obviously if he was doing it in a creepy way OP would say so - that's why I don't get numbers or pull much in the day, too big a risk. All OP has to do is say to the Police 'a creepy guy felt me up on the bus' and all of a sudden he's a paedophile.
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    This didnt happen did it? It reads like the completely made up Ladies Confessions which FHM used to do.
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    you were into the guy and enjoying it and then some anti slut defence mechanism kicked in and you bolted.

    sometimes I really don't get girls.


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