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Masturbation helps with flu symptoms

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    Seriously, I read this a while ago and decided to try . To be honest I wasn't up for sex at one point even with my dream woman sandra romain. But a nice jerk at my own pace I could do despite the temperature and headache.Headache is the worst symptom I think. Anyway afterwards my headache felt much better and I felt less fluey can't explain it but I did. Less aches certainly. Anyway masturabtion apparently releases certain chemicals that help the body fight the virus.

    So I slapped on my favourite porn and I have to say it's a very pleasurable way to pass the time when I have the house to myself and it's good to know Iam helping my recovery to watch two hot transexuals ruin a man.
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    (Original post by Ministerdonut)
    good to know Iam helping my recovery to watch two hot transexuals ruin a man.
    This line alone makes this thread worthwhile.
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    I have a cold

    Unfortunately I don't think transexual porn will cure it.
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    Sex/orgasms release endorphins into the blood stream, these act as a relaxant, anti-depressant and pain killer. Better than NSAIDs or paracetemol IMHO.

    Although I agree with you, but as stated by others, trans-sexual porn doesn't rock my boat though!


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