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    Was on holiday and missed everything. Cry.
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    I got a ticket for Manchester and it arrived today. Looks like I'm going on my own however. That's going to make it difficult/impossible to get anywhere near the front.

    It's a shame the tickets are so expensive, it has put a lot of people off going. But since they're selling out so fast there's enough willing to pay it.
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    It's debuted, Day 1 is over!
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    I woulda gone, but I wanted to go with friends, because Gaga is an act that's too special to see on your own. Got to admit, it would be awesome if the Darkness (supporting act) came on for one song with her. Justin Hawkes and Lady Gaga - WOW, just takes the words out of my mouth! (Not a big darkness fan, but he does have a great voice, there's no denying that)
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    Stage, fully illuminated

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    Shame 'Fame', 'I like it Rough' 'Dance in the Dark' and 'Monster' aren't on there. They're awesome songs. I guess there's only so many she can do without getting exhausted lol. As for those complaining about the price of the tickets, a very large proportion of the money goes into producing awesome shows for us guys to go and watch - the rest is split between Gaga, her record company and probably charity (Gaga is a very charitable person, always supporting organisations such as LGBT for example), so stop complaining. She even went bankrupt countless times on the last tour, as she was determined to constantly impress us, so cut her some slack.
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    (Original post by Paparazzo)
    Stage, fully illuminated

    I take it that's from the show in South Korea, where the tour is supposed to have started a few hours ago.
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    (Original post by gagaslilmonsteruk)
    I take it that's from the show in South Korea, where the tour is supposed to have started a few hours ago.

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    I am so excited about the tour after seeing all those videos and photos from Seoul! The thing that has me wondering though, are how/what those triangles are that monsters in the pit seem to be holding? You can see a lot of them in the videos online... :L

    Anyway, this is my phone background at the moment...and its going to stay like this for a good while

    Click image for larger version. 

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    HeR London show was sold out too quickly for me to get tickets still if there is a DVD made in a year I'll be ok
    Love judas so much though I'm itching to see the finished dance routine (like on the Ellen show)
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    The Student room does not have a Lot of Little Monsters
    If you are one - Join 'Little Monsters', the social group
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    Hi Guys,

    I am selling my London BTW Ball standing tickets (Sat night show) because I am going to Manchester instead!

    I have 4 available so if you are interested please PM me x
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    I didn't know til recently Gaga was a fan of Girls Aloud - good taste Gaga!!

    Anyway what's your top played Gaga song? For me it's BTW.

    That song means so so so much to me. Poker Face does as well - the messages they both have within the lyrics.
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    Love a bit of Gaga now and then. So Happy I Could Die :love:
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    Hello...is anyone there?!

    I like Applause

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    (Original post by Lady Gaga's Bottom)
    Hello...is anyone there?!

    I like Applause


    My body is ready for ARTPOP

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    completely forgot about this thread


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