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    Has anyone heard anything yet? Ive check twice this morning and nothing! Do I ring?
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    I also had my interview on the 12th and I haven't heard anything yet.
    May be worth phoning. The more calls they receive may spur them on to actually processing the applications?!
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    Hey! I had my interview on the 12th too! still nothing!! i've checked about 10 times this morning, wait is driving me crazy, just want to know already!! If anyone hears pls post on here as soon as you can, thanks! xx
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    Just rang them again!! They still waiting for the decisions to come over to be processesed!! It then gets updated on the GTTR website overnight, so either 2moz or Mon!!! Will ring again 2moz argue if heard nothing!
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    I rang at lunch. V. unhelpful - couldn't give me an answer over the phone and she said "by the end of the week, Saturday at the latest" - useless lot - the fact that they told us 2-3 weeks makes it worse. I checked 4 times this morning and trying to stop constantly repressing the refresh button!

    If its a yes, I want to know but if its a no I think I'd rather live in ignorance!

    Stace and Mairead - were you morning or afternoon?
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    This is agony!

    I also keep checking track and my emails. Please let us know if anyone finds out xx
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    Gosh this is agony - I don't think I can wait another weekend so I hope we find out tomorrow. I felt quite positive after the interview and now I have totally talked myself out of getting a place.

    Keika - I was afternoon. You?
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    Anyone have their interview on the 18th? I feel sorry for all you guys who had your interview the week before me, I am climbing the walls wanting to know, and I haven't had as long to wait as you!
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    I have just had an email to notify me of a change on track and.... I have a conditional offer based on CRB and health checks!!! YAY, fingers crossed for all of you xxx
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    Congratulations! Nothing for me yet!
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    thank you,

    hopefully your's will be updated any min now as well xx
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    Congrats. You must be really pleased!! Nothing for me either- I wonder why? My interview was on 12th xx
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    Mine too!
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    Eek! At least we're not alone. Hopefully we should hear tomorrow then if people are finding out??
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    I was afternoon today. I've totally talked myself out of getting a place. And I was ill the day of the interview as well. Think I've mentally prepared myself for not getting in but will still be totally crap if I dont!

    Maybe they are doing it by alpabetical order - lainey is your surname high up in the alphabet? 'cos i'm S! eeeek! Dont want to go to work tomorrow if this doesnt go my way!
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    Still nothing :-( hoping this isn't a bad sign then if people are starting to find out. My surname us J so not to far down.

    Hope will know either way 2moz then.
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    My surname begins with "L". I really hope you all find out tomorrow, my track was updated at about 7:15pm. Maybe they are doing it alphabetically but I don't know as no one else has said that they have had a reply today.

    Fingers crossed for all of you waiting xx
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    My surname begins with 'c' so don't think it's alphabetically. I hope it's not a bad sign that I haven't found out yet too! Please post if you find out! Good luck everyone, let's hope today is our last of waiting! x
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    If I haven't heard anything by lunchtime I am going to call again. Apart from how horrible it will be if it is bad news; applications can't get passed to your 2nd choices until they make the decision.

    Am now expecting the worse!
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    If it's any help to all of you who are waiting for the results of your interview, i had my interview in november and got to the same point- it was nearly 3 weeks since my interview, still hadn't heard etc, rang them and they said end of the week at the latest etc. I kept checking every half hour on the friday and heard nothing. Was gutted, as it got to 5:30pm and i thought "surely if it was going to be today then i would have heard by now". Did my 'final' check at 6pm still nothin so gave up til the monday. But then i had an email at about half 7 or 8pm on friday saying it had changed and my offer came through! So if they have said to u that it will be on by the end of the week, well worth waiting to see if i comes later on tonight like mine did!



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