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**Official** Euro 2012 Thread

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    (Original post by R-KAM)
    Similar to how you had won the world cup because you beat the likes of Kazakhstan and Andorra 5-1 and 6-0? :rolleyes:
    I wouldn't say so Englands track record in qualifying is great then it all goes down hill at the tournament. In all honesty Scotland is still a UK team so I want them to do well - at least qualify. Also my home team is made up of mainly Scots (Middlesbrough FC)
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    4-6-0 :adore:

    Some Brazilian coach did say 4-6-0 would be used in the future tbh :awesome:
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    Roma used it to great effect last season :awesome:
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    Capello will blatently stick Kevin Davies up top and launch from the back :sogood:

    Randomly I just found this on Wiki:


    A highly unconventional formation, the 4–6–0 is an evolution of the 4–2–3–1 in which the centre forward is exchanged for a player who normally plays as a trequartista (that is, in the 'hole'). Suggested as a possible formation for the future of football,[18] the formation sacrifices an out-and-out striker for the tactical advantage of a mobile front four attacking from a position that the opposition defenders cannot mark without being pulled out of position.[19] Owing to the intelligence and pace required by the front four attackers to create and attack any space left by the opposition defenders, however, the formation requires a very skillful and well-drilled front four. Due to these high requirements from the attackers, and the novelty of playing without a proper goalscorer, the formation has been adopted by very few teams, and rarely consistently. As with the development of many formations, the origins and originators are uncertain, but arguably the first reference to a professional team adopting a similar formation is Anghel Iordănescu's Romania in the 1994 World Cup Round of 16, when Romania won 3–2 against Argentina.[20][21] The first team to adopt the formation systematically was Luciano Spalletti's Roma side during the 2005–06 Serie A season, mostly out of necessity as his "strikerless" formation,[22] and then notably by Alex Ferguson's Manchester United side in the 2007–08 Premier League season (who won the Premier League and Champions League that season).[23]
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    All those teams have great attacking talent from their midfield. Man U with Ronaldo for example. We have Scott Brown, flaw number one :awesome:
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    The Scottish National team :facepalm2:
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    (Original post by V1NY)
    The Scottish National team :facepalm2:
    Quit the hatin'
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    Dorrans, Fletcher and Brown going forward :sogood:
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    This 4-6-0 business is why I'm going to try and catch a Zenit game soon. As well as the fact that they're apparently a pleasure to watch.

    It seems like a lot of the German team are injured / going to be rested, does anyone know if they are going to give that Holtby guy from Mainz a game?
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    £25 for Serbia to beat Italy
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    (Original post by Louis1991)
    Dorrans, Fletcher and Brown going forward :sogood:
    Brown should be left on the bench. Preferably a park bench in Queens Park or something

    Going to the game tonight, can't wait to see us line up 9-1-0 with Fletcher being the holding midfielder, and still lose 8-0 :sogood:
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    England game has been unbelievably dull, may switch to another soon....
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    Although Scotland are still holding Spain....:lolwut:
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    It seems Scotland only do glorious failure, no matter the opposition.
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    Sorry for two posts in a row, but...

    From top to bottom, the Scottish National set-up is completely risible.
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    La Furia Roja :coma:

    I think Man U once upon a time used the 4-6-0 formation.
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    Scotland were brilliant last night. Glorious failure as usual though :coma:

    If only they played with the same heart and effort (and formation!) against the Lithuania, Lictenstein and Czech we'd probably be sitting prettier. As with Scotland though, we only play well against big teams. Same old ****, different decade :awesome:
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    I though we would actually hold onto the draw but McManus had to misjudge the cross, didn't he?

    McGregor was amazing last night, hopefully he is not that good when the Old Firm game comes :P
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    460 is a formation for the tactically and technically astute. We're not that.

    Good performance last night though. Shame Mick had to lose concentration for the final goal, but whatever.
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    I 'spose it might console you lot that the other home nations did pretty badly too? :lol:

    Norn Iron were particularly hilarious....


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