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    I've got my IOP coming up soon and I'm a bit stuck on what I should do. We have being studying three books; 'The Outsider', 'An Evil Cradling' and 'Candide'. At the moment I am thinking I should do something about how Voltaire uses satire to target religion in 'Candide'. Our teacher says we can do a creative element if we want but I don't know whether it will gain or lose me marks. Does anyone have any ideas or advice on IOPs in general or my possible IOP title? Any help will be appreciated!
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    Hey! i did my IOP 2 years a go - we studied the outsider and an evil cradling. i choose EC , only becuase i didnt like the way the outsider was written. - with EC - its really easy to look at all the symbolism etc that he uses.... mine was on the way in which Brian depicts his insecurities and this entrapment etc. - got a 6, not sure how though!

    But i dont envy you, i love and hated the IB all in one - and, having been predicted 34 points, i came out with redoing a couple of subjects and taking a few as levels as well to boost my UCAS app..... you may not think the IB is hard now..wait until 2nd year with EE, TOK and CAS deadlines all in; plus revision....

    anyway - i hope that helps a little bit

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    did mine on the ubiquity of white in dorian gray and got a 7. It was great fun, and pretty easy. Just choose a certain type of presentation your teacher will like... if he/she likes thematic analysis, take that, if he/she likes symbolism, look for something in that area, etc. It's great fun, don't worry.



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Updated: November 22, 2009
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