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The Ultimate Football Thread VII

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    (Original post by sr90)
    West Brom have appointed Alan Irvine :laugh: That's them relegated next season then
    Why? He got his first club promoted, his second club were relegation battlers who then faced winding up orders for months. Relegation was inevitable. We've seen plenty of 'dodgy' appointments succeed massively.
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    Fans are not happy by the look of things but I prefer to let a man fail before saying it's a bad appointment.
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    (Original post by ozzyoscy)
    Why? He got his first club promoted, his second club were relegation battlers who then faced winding up orders for months. Relegation was inevitable. We've seen plenty of 'dodgy' appointments succeed massively.
    Preston? No he didn't. He took them from regular play off challengers to relegation strugglers and left them stuck with a ton of high earners who they've only just got off the books. As for Sheffield Wednesday he couldn't even get them in the top half of League One despite having triple the budget most of his rivals had. When Wednesday sacked him, the likes of Oldham, Rochdale and Colchester were comfortably ahead of them in the league.

    Really strange appointment considering he's been out of the game for 3 years as well, and it's obviously the cheap option because there are loads of better candidates out there. Mackay, Zola, Moyes, Lennon to name but a few. We'll see how he does but I expect him to be sacked before Christmas with WBA in the relegation zone.
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    Hodgson leaving was our undoing and not just because he left. More importantly, he took Dan Ashworth with him. We signed some rubbish players last season which was quite unlike us. Under Ashworth we'd sign some really good 'unknown' players for relatively little money, whereas last season it was more speculative signings like Anelka and Sessegnon in hope more than expectation.

    We've let a fair few go this Summer and we only just about survived last season, so we desperately need some good quality signings but I fear we won't get many, if any at all. So, yes, I fear for us next season but not because of Irvine. He will not have a great deal of say in signings and he probably won't be given much to work with.
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    I was the first player to win the PFA and FWA awards in the same season.

    Probs a bit underrated by both my old club's fanbase and English football in general. Not on the level of Digger but a magnificent player all the same. Scored big goals everywhere.
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    Does this say something about who's better between Kroos and Rakitic?

    Posted from TSR Mobile
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    Forgot this thread existed.
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    Didn't know it even existed :lolwut:
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    Worst thread ever. May as well make your own, no matter how small the thing you want to say is.


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Updated: November 28, 2014
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