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The Ultimate Football Thread VII

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    (Original post by Kevmeister)
    A half decent goal.
    Reminds me of Fletcher's goal vs Everton last weekend.
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    (Original post by white_haired_wizard)
    Reminds me of Fletcher's goal vs Everton last weekend.
    And what a beauty it was too.
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    **** City and their consistency, keeping Brown in a job for another week. Why couldn't they have repeated last year's result? They're about as useful as an appendix.
  4. Offline

    I were disappointed as I said that we sat back against Spurs once we scored that goal. Not a good first game in charge for Avram Grant at Portsmouth beaten by a Rooney hatrick.
  5. Offline

    That Utd win was expected.

    They would have won even if we had José Mourinho in charge & God as his Assistant.

    Referee was a joke at times, yet again so was that scroatmeister M.Brown.
  6. Offline

    Michael Brown is vile and filth. I think I'm in love tbh.
  7. Offline

    Liverpool take the lead against Everton, a deflected Mascherano goal.
  8. Offline

    Everton should have started with Louis Saha up front. They shouldn't be behind.
  9. Offline

    Oh yeah and Birmingham sadly beat Wolves earlier
  10. Offline

    Sagna practically brings down Anelka as he is about to pull the trigger inside the box with only the keeper to beat. Lucky to survive a penalty and red card.
  11. Offline

    Disappointed with the draw we got in the FA Cup, Blackburn at home. Full draw below


    Tottenham v Peterborough United
    Brentford v Doncaster Rovers
    Middlesbrough v Manchester City
    Stoke City v York City
    Notts County v Forest Green Rovers
    Huddersfield Town v West Bromwich Albion
    Sheffield United v QPR
    MK Dons v Burnley
    Chelsea v Watford
    Nottingham Forest v Birmingham City
    Preston North End v Colchester United
    West Ham United v Arsenal
    Aston Villa v Blackburn Rovers
    Portsmouth v Coventry City
    Sunderland v Oxford United or Barrow
    Wigan Athletic v Hull City
    Everton v Carlisle United
    Sheffield Wednesday v Crystal Palace
    Tranmere Rovers or Aldershot Town v Wolves
    Blackpool v Ipswich Town
    Fulham v Swindon Town
    Stockport County or Torquay v Brighton
    Scunthorpe United v Barnsley
    Southampton v Rotherham United or Luton Town
    Bristol City v Cardiff City
    Reading v Liverpool
    Staines Town or Millwall v Derby County
    Plymouth Argyle v Newcastle United
    Leicester City v Swansea City
    Bolton Wanderers v Lincoln City
    Accrington Stanley or Barnet v Gillingham
    Manchester United v Kettering Town or Leeds United
  12. Offline

    Drogba 1-0. Can't rely on Arsenal to do anything.
  13. Offline

    2-0 own goal
  14. Offline

    2 horse race, as predicted. Arsenal are toothless without Van Persie; another of my predictions

    My money is looking good today. Backed Liverpool to win and they delivered. Same with Chelsea :cool:
  15. Offline

    (Original post by Ronaldo VII)
    Drogba 1-0. Can't rely on Arsenal to do anything.
    Did your lot manage to beat Chelsea?
  16. Offline

    (Original post by Economist)
    Did your lot manage to beat Chelsea?
    The officials saw to that, not inept defending. Plus it was at Stamford Bridge. You can't afford to not win your home games.
  17. Offline

    (Original post by Ronaldo VII)
    The officials saw to that, not inept defending. Plus it was at Stamford Bridge. You can't afford to not win your home games.
    So that's a no then
  18. Offline

    (Original post by Economist)
    So that's a no then
    You're expected to win your home games, are you not?
  19. Offline

    3-0 Drogba
  20. Offline

    Judging by the way the games have gone today... I predict Barca 0 - 4 Real

    no home goals in the Prem today dear me


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Updated: November 28, 2014
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