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Joint Honours in English and Psychology at Cambridge?

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    I've been thinking about doing a joint honours degree in Psychology and English and am quite keen to go apply to Cambridge. However, I'm not sure if they actually do them. Mainly because as far as I'm aware for Psychology, in the first year you actually do International Studies, Psychology, Sociology and Politics - you can't really do Psychology alone until the second year, if you specialise in it. Is it wise or realistic to do a joint honours when in fact Psychology itself is associated with other subjects in the first year?

    Thank yoo.
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    Cambridge doesn't do joint honours. Closest you could come would be to do one subject and then transfer into the other (and I don't know how feasible that would be as a plan - they could well just say no).
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    As TheUnbeliever says, they don't offer it. You could maybe try Oxford?
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    Apply for english and do a year or two of that, then change to PPS (Politics, Psychology & Sociology) and focus on the psychology part.
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    Oh noo! Do they not? :eek3: hmm :shifty: this is not good. I will have to re-evaluate things... but thank you very much guys for enlightening me
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    (Original post by katprocrastinate)
    Oh noo! Do they not? :eek3: hmm :shifty: this is not good. I will have to re-evaluate things... but thank you very much guys for enlightening me
    The closest you'll get is education and english, within education you do the psychology of education, but other than that no joint honours
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    (Original post by TheUnbeliever)
    Cambridge doesn't do joint honours.
    But if they did they'd probably....
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    If there's psychology in the first bit of 'english and education' then there's no reason in principle why you couldn't do part one in that and then switch into psychology (either through PPSIS or through Natsci), but it is very much dependant on you being able to persuade them to let you, and you couldn't guarentee that. I imagine if you only did english, you might have a hard time persuading them of that swap - though i may be wrong, you can switch from philosophy to psychology because you can do experiemental pysch as an option in second year - worth checking out whether you can do that in english...
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    (Original post by The_Red_Wedge)
    As TheUnbeliever says, they don't offer it. You could maybe try Oxford?
    Just to clarify: Oxford doesn't offer joint honours in English and Psychology either, and unlike at Cambridge, changing tripos halfway through wouldn't be an option because Oxford doesn't have a tripos system. So Oxford would actually be a worse option.


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