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Help Me Think Up TOK Journal Topics

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    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post but I have been lurking the forum for a while now and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions as to what I should write my TOK journals about?
    I have 4 due two days from now and they only take me like 20 minutes to write since they just have to be a page and a half long, but it always takes me so long to think up what my topic should be.

    My teacher prefers us to discuss knowledge issues and just kind of go through the process of writing our opinions and what plausible answers there could be.

    We can write about pretty much anything though, he just wants us to show that we're reflecting on what the course is teaching us.

    Can anyone give me some topic ideas? I'm in dire need!
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    Oh and here are the subjects I have done so far but none of them have gotten very good marks. 70-85 always. I don't really know what my teacher expects...but it's just the start of the year I guess, and most people don't seem to be getting the best marks on them anyway.

    How Do We Know When Something is to be Considered a ‘Fad’?

    How Do We Know We Are Interested in a Subject?


    How Do We Know When We Are Fluent In a Language?

    How Do We Know Whether or Not the Sun Will Rise Tomorrow?
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    Okay, so the last person who posted did not give you correct knowledge issues. A Knowledge issue is a open ended question that has knowledge language in it. By this I mean that it talks about language, sense perception, emotion, logic/reason, (the ways of knowing) human sciences, natural science, history, ethics, art or maths. (the areas of knowledge) The question should also encourage the viewer to think. The best way to create a knowledge issue is to think of a situation. For example, a college in Utah accidentally sent full scholarships to many people, only to recall them. From this I might come up with these two knowledge issues;
    • In what ways can logic be used to avoid human and computer error?
    • To what extent do our emotions affect our perspective of a given situation?
    (After you find your situation, it is helpful to go through the different ways and areas of knowing and how they apply to your situation)


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