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Khanage: harder, better, faster, stronger.

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    Row 500m x 6
    Rest 2 mins between.
    Row first set at 2km pace, make each set faster
    = 1:45.7, 1:45.1, 1:44.4, 1:43.9, 1:43.3, 1:43.3.


    5 rounds for quality:
    25 hollow rocks
    25 arch rocks

    Handstand Hold against the wall
    6 x 30s

    L-sit ring support hold 8 x 15s

    10m cap:
    42 burpees over box 24"
    42 wall balls
    42 pull ups
    AMRAP muscle ups

    finished al' 42's in 9:27, no muscle ups.
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    2 hours of learning/doing a new circuits style class.


    Back squat 5x5 @ 70% = 142.5kg

    12m AMRAP:
    30 Down ups
    60 Russian KB swing (24)
    30 Thrusters (42.5kg)
    60 double unders
    = 1 round and 25 kb swing
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    (Original post by Khanage)

    Front Squat 5x5
    Set 1 - 75% = 120
    Set 2 - 78% = 125
    Set 3 - 81% = 130
    Set 4 - 83% = 132.5
    Set 5 - 85% = 135 x4

    Pause Snatch 70% 6x2 (2s pause at the knee) = 72.5kg

    3" Deficit Snatch DL 90% (of snatch) 5x3 = 95kg

    Snatch grip BOR (bent over row) 70% 4x8 = 72.5kg

    'Thorium Throwdown WOD 1'
    Max Power Output- Ground to Overhead. 3 x 3 min Rounds, 1 minute rest between each round.
    48kg x 99 reps = score of 4752.
    Nice fronties!

    Also, awesome wod name.

    How fast could you do 1000kg FTOH challenge?

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Updated: September 4, 2014
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