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Khanage: harder, better, faster, stronger.

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    what smack said dude. im skipping deadlifts today because my back is feeling like its getting tired now but if i feel better tommorow i may pull at the fitness factory because teh griff bear is there. if not week off then i will be stronger than ever RAWR
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    Bill Starrs Session 3

    BENCH 4x5, 1x3, 1x8.
    97 x 3
    71 x 8

    CLEAN 4x5, 1x3, 1x8.
    87 x 3
    64 x 8

    30 x 8,8,8.

    30 x 8,8,8.

    L12 x 8
    L13 x 8
    L14 x 8


    Decided to go to the gym but not squat, dont like missing sessions. Good session, getting difficult though as i'm near my PB's.

    Also im becoming a bit disillusioned with Starrs as ive said already, gonna change things up sooner than i expected to.

    Also weighed in at like 99kg, but im not sure if those scales are correct. Could have just been the time of day or somethinggggggg
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    Some good results with Bill Starr's 5x5 mate!

    What you going to change things up to? Madcow's 5x5? :p:
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    Bill Starrs Session 1

    SQUAT x5

    BENCH x5

    CLEAN x5

    65 x 8 8


    Great session. Got all my pb's x5, didnt do the situps though. Smack, not sure yet tbh. Just one day squatting instead of 3x a week, more bodybuilderish. Also adding more cardio. Gonna start going to the gym with my younger bro so im gonna train with him.
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    I emailed the Pakistan Rugby Union team to get some more info....

    Dear Amir

    thank you for writing to us.

    as you know Pakistan rugby union is a full member of the irb
    and are always looking for experienced rugby players from England to
    add to our talent pool in this year nation team we have 3 players from England.

    the current season activities for PRU include a Asian under 20 championship in sep tp Nov.

    please send us your date of birth so we can see if your eligible for that. also send us contact information.

    we are also planning to have to have a camp and trials in England for Pakistan national / 7s /development / and under 20 teams.

    I am cc ing this email to the president of Pakistan rugby union
    and after I get your date of birth we can continue this conversation

    thanks for your interest looking forward to hearing from you
    Possible trials in England, and even if i don't get into the under 20s or full squad, i've GOT to be good enough to be in the development squad!! Not that i'm amazing or anything, but i'm pretty handy, and they can't be too good!
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    lol sweet one!
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    Cool bro, that will be quite an Honour to represent your country at any level.
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    Dude Go F0r It!
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    Obviously it's very early days, but the fact that they have a 1st and development squad, and i may also be eligible for under 20s, gives me quite a decent chance to be honest! A slightly higher chance than me playing for England anyway :P Haha.

    Also if they have trials in England that'll be good. I'm buzzing to be honest

    Good thing is, maybe if I don't get in 1st time round, I'm only 20. I've got time to get some more rugby under my belt, get bigger, train harder etc etc. If I don't get in now i'll just try again in a few years.
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    As i've said a few times, Starrs just doesn't get me excited anymore. I've been running it for like 2-3 months now, so i'm changing things up from next week. Also going to be training with my younger bro, i'm gonna get him jacked!! Haha.

    Gonna be keeping the compound lifts of course, but adding other exercises and some isolation. Also with one eye on the half marathon in October, some cardio. Below is what i've just constructed in the last half hour or so:

    Monday: Chest
    Tuesday: Back (Rugby Training)
    Wednesday: OFF (Cardio)
    Thursday: Shoulders/Arms
    Friday: Legs
    Saturday: OFF
    Sunday: OFF (Cardio)

    Bench Press [3x6]
    Incline DB Bench [3x8]
    Decline Smith Bench [3x8]
    DB Flies [3x10]
    Press Ups [3x15-20]

    Deadlifts [3x6]
    Lat Pull Down [3x8]
    1 Arm DB Row [3x8]
    Pull Ups [3x10]
    Power Cleans [3x6]

    Military Press [3x6]
    BB Upright Row [3x8]
    DB Shrugs [3x8]
    Preacher Curls [3x10]
    Dips [3x10]
    Drag Curls/DB Extension [3x10]

    Squat [3x6]
    Leg Curls [3x8]
    Leg Extensions [3x8]
    Calf Raises [3x10]

    Cardio will be steady state runs to increase fitness aswell as some fat loss/lower bf%. You may think fitness tues/weds is too much but i'd rather do it that way than to cardio on thurs before a leg day.

    Also with the weights, the compound lifts are low reps to gain strength, some exercises are 8 reps for hypertrophy, and some more than that just for the crack. Also on the back day, I want to do cleans, but not right after deadlifts, so i spaced them at either end of the workout.

    EDIT: **** it, gonna start tomorrow! I've already bench/squatted/cleaned in Starrs on Monday, so i'm gonna do the back day tomorrow and the shoulders/arms day thurs. Then I'm away for the weekend. These 2 workouts can be a sort of trial run to see if it's any good
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    Keep us updated, then. Although you do realise that if you're not periodising the loading you'll have to rotate exercises quite regularly to keep progressing?
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    Yeah I'll rotate and change exercises regularly, the above is just the first month probobly. To be honest I do like a plan to follow, hence the above, but i'm also gonna be chopping and changing, and go more by how im feeling.
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    For legs you'd probably be better off ditching the pussy leg machines and doing some stiff legged deadlifts or something.
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    What position do you play OP?
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    (Original post by Smack)
    For legs you'd probably be better off ditching the pussy leg machines and doing some stiff legged deadlifts or something.
    Aye i'll add these, just forgot about them. This and next week will basically be trialing everything. I did the back session today and I already am going to tweak a couple of things.

    (Original post by lnjames)
    What position do you play OP?
    Outside centre (13) is my favourite. But I used to play second or back row, and can play anywhere from 11-15 really.
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    140 x 6
    160 x 5
    175 x 3

    Lat Pull Down
    75 x 8,8,8.

    1 Arm DB Row
    35 x 8
    40 x 8,8

    Pull Ups
    BW x 5,4,3.


    Was meant to power clean too, but I did them monday. Good session overall, my bro has joined the gym and is eager to join me, so a lot of the time was spent kinda coaching him.

    Few things to change from original plan: Deadlifts will be x5 until last max set where it will be x3 due to grip. Pullups: im never gonna get 3x10 that was ambitious haha. 3x Max it will be. Also i might do them at the start of the workout too.
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    (Original post by Khanage)
    Outside centre (13) is my favourite. But I used to play second or back row, and can play anywhere from 11-15 really.
    Good man, at over 15 stone I'm guessing you're more bosh than speed?
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    Haha. Don't be fooled! Nah i'm a bit of both to be honest. Squats and Cleans help me with sprinting, but atm i am probobly a bit on the heavy side atm. I'm still pretty nippy. I'm gonna lose some weight soon anyway, gained a bit of weight recently but thats probobly just home comforts being back from uni. Also at 6"2 it kinda evens out.

    My normal weight is 15 stone, i fancy getting down to 14 - 14.5 though...

    Your position?
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    (Original post by Khanage)
    Your position?
    I haven't played in ages. :o:

    I'm pondering between wing or outside centre, but I guess when I start next season I'll have a better idea.
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    (Original post by lnjames)
    I haven't played in ages. :o:

    I'm pondering between wing or outside centre, but I guess when I start next season I'll have a better idea.
    Why haven't you played, been injured? I haven't stopped playing since I was 10! Apart from one season i was out when i broke my arm, recovered and in my first match back broke my leg!


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