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How to patch things up - A career in Finance

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    Hi everyone, I hope you could help me clear my mind.
    I am an EU citizen, got a Master’s Degree in Business in my country, then expatriated to the UK (where the just mentioned degree certificate is hardly considered toilet paper, of course). After some months of suffering, I just have managed to land a Sales&Marketing job, which isn’t bad, but might not be what I want, even though the firm might be a good environment. Problem is, I am not quite sure of what I want. I know that the area of Finance has always intrigued me, both if I were to be part of a Finance department of a company, or in an Investment Management firm; I know that I enjoy being a bit creative and have some contact with people, I wouldn’t enjoy staring at a computer desk all day, every day. I know it sounds textbookish, but I like the idea of making decision, thinking, and such.
    Now, I want to invest some time and money into my future. I also do not know whether my experience in Sales (I will anyway be working there for a while, say 1y or so, saving money), would improve my employability.
    Problems are:
    - I am 26 turning 27 this year, not super old but not even young.
    - I want to boost my employability in an international context. I might find myself in the future in the UK, in Finland (I aim to learn the language fluently, as my partner is Finnish) or who knows where in EU, so I would need something not too much UK-focused.
    - I was undecided on what to do, there are many options (e.g CIMA, ACCA –even though they’d be more focused on the accounting side, and I definitely do not want to be an old-style accountant-, CFA level 1, Msc in a mid-tier university, MBA in some years..)
    At the moment my thoughts are rather foggy, and I was hoping you could help me getting a clearer picture of what I could do, or at least what I shouldn’t do. Is it too late for an Msc? (I don’t want to know wheter I can pursue my fairy tale dreams, but rather if it’s a wise choice from a career perspective) Would the CFA/ACCA/WHATEVERACRONYM be valuable if I decided to work, say, in Finland or other EU countries in the future?

    I will extremely appreciate any help. Thank you.


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Updated: April 24, 2014
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