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Advice Regarding Deloitte Application

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    Hello all,

    I have an international degree in Finance and Accounting and I was able to join Deloitte Portugal in my finalist year. The tricky part is that with all the work load I was unable to finish my degree and then got transfered to Angola's office after my first Audit Analyst. After 2 years working in Angola I needed to have a bit of a life as I married and had a son recently.

    I'm currently working at one of Maersk's company (still in Angola) for almost 2 years now as Account Assistant.

    I gained major skills and P&L/GL overview and I'm at the point of wanting to learn more.

    I decided I wanted to go back to Deloitte, but this time in UK. Applied to BrightStart Program as school leaver considering what I said above.. but now I think of it.. wouldn't it be smarter/more suitable to apply as a professional?

    I have no office preference, do you happen to suggest a interesting location? London is out of my equation.. I'm not that interested in paying high rents and childcare services (my son is 3 btw). I was former hip hop dancer, me and my husband are very urban style kind of family.

    Thanks in advance.


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