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Post between France/Spain and England - time

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    How long does it take usually for post to arrive in England from France and Spain? Will it maybe take longer than usually in Dec because of Christmas?
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    It's been really bad lately, even quite a few months before Christmas. Dunno about Spain but I've been in Europe since the beginning of the summer and it's taken 3/4 weeks to get something from the UK each time. Now, I expect it'll be even worse.
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    Post is generally really **** from Europe. It's even faster from the USA.
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    I'm in France at the moment and post either way takes about 4/5 days! I was really surprised! I ordered something by normal delivery on Amazon UK last Saturday and it got here Thursday

    EDIT: Haha just checked my inbox and it was dispatched on the 7th and got here on the 10th! Not bad
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    I got a package from Australia today that was send last Friday, amazingly. Shouldn't take much longer than a week.


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