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Running to the Limits - Channel 4 Documentary

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    Documentary synopsis- Running to the Limits

    What does it take to become an international marathon runner? In 1985, 102 British male runners ran under the elite time of 2 hours 20 minutes for the marathon, only 5 managed this same feat 20 years later. British male distance running had all but disappeared but why?

    16 stone, obese, heavy drinking filmmaker Alex Vero goes on a journey to find out firsthand what it takes to become an international marathon runner and to explain the recent decline of British male marathon running.

    Alex's inspirational story takes many twists and turns before becoming intertwined with former Ethiopian goat herder Mengsitu Abebe, and closer to home, recent Oxford graduate Ben Moreau - Britain's brightest hope for 2012 marathon success. Filmed over 3 years in 7 different countries all three runners push their bodies to the limits of human endurance as they find out if they've got what it takes to make the international grade.
    Very interesting and inspiring documentary about how a 16 stone obese heavy drinking normal guy aims to run the London marathon in a time which would allow him to quality for the Beijing Olympics.

    I'm not even into long distance running but its a great watch, and I highly reccommend it.

    Heres the link to watch it on the channel 4 website:

    You can also watch it on 4od on youtube:

    And this is the guy who did it's website:


    Ta gonna watch now

    Hey, thanks I watched it last night, not only really interesting but as you said motivating too x
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    (Original post by Sickojones)
    Ta gonna watch now
    Post what you thought of it

    I'm still amazed he got as far as he did, and hopefully we'll see more of the Oxford graduate in the future, maybe 2012!

    Cheers bud. Good watch!

    Thanks, gonna check this out!

    Gooooooooooooooooooood watch, recommend it.


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Updated: December 25, 2009
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