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How many hours should i revise every day.

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    I have January modules in Biology, Maths, Business Studies and Psychology. I have been doing a little revision for the last month, but not enough. I am reasonably confident i could sit the exams today and get B/C grades. How many hours do you think i should revise every night?
    I am aiming for straight A grades.
    Sorry, i think i have posted this in the wrong place. Im still getting used to this place.
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    Work out how much work you think you have to do (reading, revision notes, past papers etc)

    Estimate how many hours it will take in total

    Divide by number of days till the exam

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    I have January modules in Biology, Maths, Business Studies and Psychology. I have been doing a little revision for the last month, but not enough. I am reasonably confident i could sit the exams today and get B/C grades. How many hours do you think i should revise every night?
    I am aiming for straight A grades.
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    my business teacher always says you should be doing 5 hours per week per subject...A2 btw

    I think business is pure common sense..with maths- once you learn it you learn it...there isnt much to prepare for it (apart from doing past papers)...dnt know about biology or physcology.

    good luck
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    I don't believe in the whole hours thing, nobody can predict how long it takes you to get all the work done. I could say 5 hours but it might mean you won't cover everything.

    Just take it topic by topic, that's how I do it, and that's why I don't have a revision timetable but my own self-made revision topic table. Do for example 3 Biology topics and 3 Business Study topics one day then next day do Maths past papers and 3 psychology topics and carry on in that pattern. Make sure that you finish everything, understand everything clearly and leave time to get past papers done before the exam. If you do the past papers with ease and hardly any thinking your revision was succesfull. To me it's what you get done, not how much time you spend getting something done.
    Realistically I'm looking at 6 hours of work per day.
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    Do as much as you think is right.

    TSR will tell you to revise until you pass into a coma from exhaustion.
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    Make sure you go over all the topics at least twice... and that you will be able to answer exam questions about those topics... basically as long as it takes
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    Revise every minute you have :| Ahoy Captain obvious :X
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    As long as the night lasts :mmm:
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    This is a vague idea of how I do it:-

    5-6: History - Russian and the USSR.

    6:30-7:30: Biology - nutrition.

    8-9: Latin - verse and prose.

    Then I try and do that section of a past paper. As you can see, their generally contrasting subjects, so that way it doesn't get too mixed up in your head. Take breaks.
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    Stop when you get bored. Have a break. Stop for the evening when you feel you have done enough work, or are tired, whichever comes first.
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    I have fourexams in January, I plan to start today... I revise as much as I can of one unit/topic until I get bored or don't want to do it any more take a break and then come back to it... :bigsmile:
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    Just make sure you don't look at your notes. Its rubbish revising like that. Do past papers, and time yourself. Then use the markscheme and your notes (If you really need them) to help you understand and correct your mistakes.
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    Varies but you should work out how much you have to do and then try to work out how much to revise a night. You want to leave time for having fun and plenty of breaks aswell as doing it in smaller, broken up chunks.
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    The fact that you're asking that question just shows you're not putting enough effort already. Work until you are comfortable you can ace that test. If you don't get your target grade every time, you aren't working hard enough. If you do get your target grade, then you are doing ok.
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    This questions gets asked so many times :facepalm2: Is there even a definitive answer to it?

    Common sense.
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    Over 9000
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    A 2 hour chunk in the mornings, afternoons relax/do whatever you want. And a 2 hour chunk in the evenings. Late night, go out and get drunk, or watch some pr0nz.
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    A - 7 hours
    B - 4 hours
    C - 1 hour
    D - 30mins
    E - 10mins
    U - party
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    When I was doing my AS Levels, I didn't revise much tbf. I'd suggest, 3-30 hours a night.


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Updated: March 18, 2012
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